Florida Cops Are On The Hunt For This Drawbridge Jumper

Daytona Beach, Florida cops are on the hunt for the person responsible for blasting through a gate and catching air during a Monday morning incident. They aren't saying the exact charges the driver -- possibly on a cellphone -- will face, but they have to range from destruction of property to disorderly awesomeness.

Yes, you have to drop the hammer on the driver for destroying public property, but it's also nice to see someone in Florida producing awesome content. As someone in the comments says, let's all dream for a minute that "Panama" is cranking in that car. Or the Grand Theft Auto 'Vice City' main theme.

Possible reasons for smashing through a drawbridge gate on a Monday morning:

• Felt like it

• Late to work

• Late to court

• Blinded by the sunrise

• Side piece called and said come over

• Always wanted to recreate a Fast & Furious scene

• Loves the Blues Brothers

• Fresh outta f--ks

• Wife is giving birth

• It's a Hyundai PR viral content stunt

• Text exchange dared him/her to do it

• Late for a tee time at the muni course

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