FLASHBACK: Comedian Tim Dillon Torched Failed Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot In Ruthless Fashion

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is on her way out the door, and people are using it as an opportunity to resurface Tim Dillon's legendary comments about her.

The embattled Democrat Chicago mayor got dismantled in the Tuesday election, and didn't even qualify for the runoff. As fun and comical as her disastrous tenure of the leader of Chicago was, it is now over.

What is to blame for her fall from grace? Well, there are probably a lot of different factors, but none might be greater than Tim Dillon's thoughts on her alleged Yelp page.

Tim Dillon roasted Lori Lightfoot into the abyss.

Back in August 2021, the famous comedian stumbled upon the alleged Yelp profile of the soon-to-be former Chicago mayor, and it was truly jarring.

Lightfoot allegedly falsely accused a limo driver of being rude and sexist, and the company did something rarely seen these days: fought back and disputed her claims. Dillon's thoughts on the situation are the definition of internet gold, and he did the unthinkable: made fun of a Democrat.

Dillon referred to Lightfoot as a "goon," "villain" and a "troll of the highest order" during his rant. The comedy star then declared Lightfoot doesn't live in "reality," but instead in a "world where the pants fit." It was a clear shot at her ridiculous outfit choices.

If you really want to give yourself a treat, listen to it with Enya playing in the background.

You simply don't come back from that kind of heat.

Tim Dillon is an absolute lethal sniper in the comedy game. The man is unstoppable. I discovered him a couple years ago, and I think I've listened to every minute he's released since then.

If he sets his sights on you, you're cooked. It's that simple. There's no escape from the wrath of Tim Dillon.

Unfortunately for Lori Lightfoot, he discovered her and very well might have ended her career (I'm joking....kind of). If we still had great comedy across the board, Lightfoot would be roasted by all famous comedians. She's prime target material. Unfortunately, comedy is dying and mocking Democrats is pretty much illegal at this point.

Dillon is one of the few true comedy champions left, and he'll go after anyone and everyone. On a day back in August 2021, he shined a light on the Chicago mayor and the rest is history.

How much of a role did Tim Dillon play in her demise? We might never know, but one thing is for sure. The video of him roasting her will forever be an all-time comedy moment. It's almost too bad she's leaving. Tim Dillon will have to find a new target. I'm sure he'll have no issues at all.

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