Fitness Model Talks About Getting Demoted While In The Military For Posting Content On Instagram

Alysia Magen is a full-blown influencer these days. She's racked up over 1.4 million followers on Instagram and has stepped into the ring with Blac Chyna. But that's not the complete story of how she got her start.

Prior to her current level of influencing, Alysia was a fitness model and a member of the Air Force. It was these two worlds that collided and made the end of her time in the military rougher than it should have been.

She paid a visit to the podcast No Jumper to tell her story. She discussed a wide range of topics from her time as a bodybuilder, to joining OnlyFans, and what led to her demotion while in the military.

Alysia explained to podcast host Adam22 how her Instagram content eventually led to her getting demoted while she was in military.

At the time she was selling fitness products through social media and had her own website. A side-by-side picture promoting a product also included her in her military uniform. This didn't sit well with a higher up and she was punished via Article 15 six months before she was getting out.

The Call To Influence Was Stronger For Alysia Magen Than The Call To Serve

"To get like an Article 15, it's basically the military just is done with you," Alysia Magen said.

"They got mad because I did a side-by-side," she continued. "I did a waist trainer and I was selling it, and I had one where I was in uniform, and one next to it in a waist trainer."

"Well technically that's, if someone looked at that, they could be like, 'oh, that's the military promoting that.'"

The details surrounding Alysia's exit from the military get a little hard to follow. She doesn't answer clearly as to whether or not she made it through the last six months or not. But that doesn't really matter all that much.

When one door closed, another one swung wide open. What's too hot for the military is just right for the world of influencing. It looks like she's found her true calling.