Fitness Model Grandma Turns Heads Alongside Her Influencer Granddaughter

Move over Andrea Sunshine, aka Fit Grandma, there's another ripped grandmother out here making headlines and she's not alone. Her name is Lesley Maxwell, and she's a 64-year-old fitness model and personal trainer from Australia who hits the gym with her influencer granddaughter.

The fit grandmother doesn't just hit the gym with her 21-year-old wellness influencer granddaughter, Tia Christofi, the two share clothes too. Lesley revealed that during a recent interview, "We often share clothes and even bikinis, which is a bonus."

"I think Tia is stunning and I'm blessed to have such a lovely granddaughter."

The two are often mistaken for mother and daughter when they're out together. Given that her grandmother is more ripped that she is, despite having 43 years on her, Tia hopes to look as good as Lesley does when she's an aspiring fit grandma.

"I aspire to look just as good as she does when I'm her age," Tia said. "We try to fit in a session each week together, mostly at my home gym. We mostly do weight training together, I prefer training legs and booty, and she likes to train her upper body!"

Fitness Model Grandmas Aren't Like Other Grandmas

Being a fitness model grandma is more than working out with your hot granddaughter on a weekly basis. It also involves a strict diet.

Lesley says she eats six small meals a day of mostly protein and fats. She also encourages her granddaughter to eat well and isn't your typical grandmother when it comes to food.

"Most grandmothers bring cakes when they visit, but mine brings organic eggs, organic berries and makes buckwheat pancakes," Tia said.

Good news for Tia, she has 40-plus years of influencing ahead of her. Assuming she follows along with the program her grandmother has put together.