Fitness Model Gets Her Booty Imprinted Into Sidewalk Of New Home

Everyone has their own way of celebrating the purchase of a new home. When you're a social media influencer like Bryce Adams, you have to go above and beyond what everyone else does.

Fitness model and OnlyFans star Bryce Adams knows this. She didn't let the opportunity to create some new content out of it pass her by. She answered the call with her booty.

Bryce decided to leave a unique "signature" on her new purchase. She had some concrete poured for a new sidewalk then with a little help she imprinted her booty into it.

The video capturing the new addition to the property received over 20.4 million views. It shows Bryce Adams being lowered down into the wet concrete, leaving her one of a kind signature, and then getting cleaned off.

Bryce added her initials and the date to the sidewalk to help round out the perfectly executed booty imprint. The initials bring a little bit of normalcy to the wet concrete stunt and serves as a reminder as to who the imprint belongs to.

This Is One Way To Mark Your Territory

The comment section on the video had some concerns for people who have to walk on the sidewalk given the two craters at the start of it. That might cause a few issues.

Bryce Adams, however, isn't too worried about it. She seems to be enjoying the sidewalk. Plus everyone who lives there knows about it and anyone visiting will soon learn.

She said of her new addition, "It's on my private property and home and no one was injured."

A fitness model's booty imprint in a sidewalk can only add to the property's resale value. It makes for a good story and a good viral video anyway.