Fit Grandma's Contest To Find A 'Boyfriend For Hire' To Make OnlyFans Content With Is Underway

A couple of weeks ago Andrea Sunshine announced that she would be looking for a "boyfriend to hire." She had five men, all younger than her, lined up with the winner being awarded the prize of making OnlyFans content with her.

The Fit Grandma, 53, made it clear when she teased what she called a reality show what she was looking for. The men couldn't be in the 40s, had to workout, couldn't have kids or smoke.

Last week the popular fitness model introduced her Instagram followers to the five potential boyfriends for hire. The candidates include a model, a personal trainer, a bodybuilder, an actor and a guy who likes rock and roll.

The first contestant is Mike Mains. He's 34 and a model who has worked with some pretty big brands. Milos is the next contestant and is a 30-year-old personal trainer and massage therapist.

Leonardo Leads is 31 and lives a bodybuilder's lifestyle. Gabriel Fernando Rocha is 38 and he's a model and actor. The youngest contestant, and one you can root for, is Rodrigo Cardoso. He's 23 and the guy who likes rock and roll.

Fit Grandma Is Pure Entertainment

The Fit Grandma followed the bios with a nude pic covered in bubbles from her bathtub. She asked her followers to vote for who they would like to see her make content with.

She said, "Who will win my OnlyFans contest? Have you voted, the contestants are on my page, next this post. Vote and let me know with who you like me to play with!"

I'd point you in the direction to vote if I knew where that was. I don't know if you drop a comment somewhere, or if you have to hop on her OnlyFans, but it's unclear where the voting is taking place.

It's also unclear how any of this is a reality show at the moment, but I'm a fan of her work. Judging by the response to all things Fit Grandma, I'm not alone.

We'll be tuning back in when she finally picks a winner and starts creating content with her new boyfriend for hire.