Fit Grandma Looking For A 'Boyfriend For Hire' To Make OnlyFans Content With

Andrea Sunshine, aka Fit Grandma, is back making headlines. When she's not in the gym, it's one of her favorite things to do. The last time we caught up with her, the 53-year-old was testing the rules at the gym by working out in a revealing bikini.

This time around Andrea is looking for a boyfriend, but not just any boyfriend, a "boyfriend for hire." The fitness influencer will be selecting a partner that she plans to create OnlyFans content with as a part of a new reality show she has planned.

Andrea has some requirements for her new "boyfriend" to meet if they hope to make content with her. They can't be older than 30, they must workout, they can't have kids and they can't smoke.

Five candidates have reportedly already been selected to compete for a chance to create exclusive adult content with her. The reality show is set to begin on November 14 on her Instagram.

This Fit Grandma Isn't Knitting Sweaters

She has plans to bring in some professional help to make things a little more comfortable when it comes time to create the OnlyFans content.

Andrea said, "It's the first time I'm going to produce hot content with the collaboration of a 'boyfriend for hire.'"

"I believe that the intimacy coordinator will make the production more comfortable, and cool for me and for the winner of the reality show."

Why not? 50 is the new whatever age you want to claim and OnlyFans has opened up the floodgates for anyone with a large social media presence to really cash in if they so choose.

It makes sense these days for a fitness grandma, who likes to make headlines, to create a reality show to find a partner to make content with and get in on the subscription-based action.