Finnish Model Apologizes For Kissing Topless Woman In Prime Minister's Residence

What started with Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin partying and getting loose has turned into quite a tabloid drama for the normally quiet Nordic nation where we now have a model apologizing for kissing a topless woman inside Marin's residence.

Sabina Särkkä, 33, who is considered a social media influencer, says she's "deeply sorry" for a video that surfaced showing Finland's 2012 Miss World representative making out with a woman in something straight out of a Girls Gone Wild video.

According to Finnish political experts, Särkkä is kissing the woman in front of a blue backdrop where Marin handles official Finnish business, making this all the more salacious for this country that was already trying to wrap its brains around Marin grinding on Särkkä in a club.

The Daily Mail reports the Wild On topless makeout session took place July 10 after Marin and friends went to a rock festival. Särkkä, wearing the cowboy hat, is seen in the TikTok screenshot grabbing her breasts while kissing a fellow blonde who let it all fly for the camera.

The Finland sign, according to political experts, normally sits on Marin's desk as she takes part in international Zoom calls with world leaders.

"I published on 10.7. an inappropriate picture that should not have been taken. I am deeply sorry and apologize for my behavior," Särkkä wrote in her Instagram apology.

Marin issued her own apology Tuesday when she announced the photo should "never have been taken."

It's been a wild week for Marin who has been accused by political rivals of being on drugs. That was met by Marin taking, and passing, a drug test in which she was tested for cocaine, meth, and other drugs.

How is this partying and topless women kissing inside the 36-year-old prime minister's residence playing with the populace? It doesn't seem to be hurting Marin.

You have people getting tattoos of Marin partying. You have people recreating their partying and then tagging Marin. Finns Gone Wild seems to be a thing and they're actually embracing the PM partying her ass off.

And according to EuroNews, most people are just shrugging off the hard-partying.

"Over at the country's newspaper of record, Helsingin Sanomat, the most-read stories on Saturday afternoon were about long waits at a Helsinki amusement park, Russia's war in Ukraine, an Ed Sheerin concert at the city's Olympic Stadium, and how swimming pools are becoming more popular in the capital region," EuroNews reported.

"No sign at all of Sanna Marin in the top 10 stories."

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