Fight Breaks Out During Bingo Night At The Old Folks Home

There are few things more important to senior citizens than bingo night. The grandchildren, for some, might be the only thing that truly tops it. Butterscotch candies and Law & Order are always in the mix, but you can't talk trash to or about the grandkids.

This argument at an old folks home on bingo night came dangerously close to ending with a room full of broken hips. Now to be fair to the ladies involved here, I don't know that this went down at an old folks home. It could be the common area at a senior living facility or a VFW bingo hall of some kind.

The location doesn't matter. What does matter is what someone there said about Betty's grandson. Whatever it was it must have been serious because she put her dabber down and left her 10 bingo cards behind to address it. That's almost unheard of.

The first video from bingo night going off the rails picks up with Betty already engaged verbally with someone off camera. She can be heard saying, "Talk to my grandson like that again and I'll kick your ass."

It's at this point that the dabber is put down and Betty is ready for action. She says, as she gets up and shuffles down the aisle, "Let's go, let's go, come on."

A sorcerer of some kind walks over and momentarily puts a stop to the madness with the wave of his finger. Betty stops in her tracks and begins to retreat after being pointed at.

Someone Had To Slow Betty's Roll

All is right with the world and it seems as if bingo night is going to get back on track. Not so fast. A second video reveals that Betty didn't make it all the way back to her seat. She had some more things to get off of her chest.

Well this didn't sit well with Lou Anne, who is holding on to her sixties and isn't fooling anyone with that dye job. She pops up and unleashes on Betty.

Lou Anne screams as she jumps up from her seat, "She never said anything after that fucking night!" She understandably wanted to get back to the bingo.

Sadly, Betty wasn't ready for that just yet. The two elderly women yell at eat other, waving their arthritis riddled hands around in the process. The clip ends with the two finally returning to their corners.

It was a rough spot in an otherwise great night of bingo. That's how I'm choosing to believe the rest of the night played out anyway.

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