Fans Ejected From WWE Live Event For Throwing Drink At Scarlett Bordeaux

WWE Superstar Scarlett Bordeaux had an unfortunate incident during a live event in Peoria, Illinois on Saturday night. The incident led to fans being ejected and the police being called.

Scarlett accompanied her husband Karrion Kross to the ring for his match against Drew McIntyre. She was posted up ringside and slapped McIntyre when the referee wasn't looking.

After the slap, Scarlett turned her attention to the crowd. She was greeted by an alcoholic drink thrown at her by a woman in the third row. Security quickly got involved. They made sure Scarlett was okay then turned their attention toward the fan.

The woman and her family were ejected. The ringside mess was cleaned up and the match continued without further incident. A fan close to the action shared the details as well as a couple pictures of the cleanup.

After the event Scarlett took to social media and addressed the incident. In true WWE fashion, she made sure to hurl insults in the process. And there were plenty to go around.

Scarlett made sure to include Peoria, the woman, her booze, and the woman's hairdo.

Scarlett Bordeaux Belongs In The WWE

That's a professional level response. You wouldn't expect anything less from Scarlett, she's the definition of a wrestling professional.

She kept herself busy after the WWE released her in November 2021, because of the pandemic, by doing what many did by launching an OnlyFans account. She also kept her wrestling skills sharp by participating in a bizarre "bra and panties" match.

Luckily the WWE came to their senses in August and brought both Scarlett and Kross back. The two are now back where they belong, despite having to deal with a crazy woman tossing her cheap booze.

Her return to the WWE apparently also meant the end to her OnlyFans career. She's no longer promoting her link in the bio and we can safely assume there won't be any more bra and panties matches.