Even Mike Francesa Is Calling Out Bob Costas

You know it's bad when people are agreeing with Mike Francesa of all people.

The bloviating, over-the-top, know-it-all sports talk host calling out Bob Costas's ALDS broadcasting over the weekend.

Costas has been getting absolutely wrecked on social media with many wondering what the heck is going on with the legendary sportscaster. He has been doing PBP for the New York Yankees - Cleveland Guardians ALDS Series for TBS and it has been a PAINFUL listen.

He's getting slammed for talking too much, having a story for every single moment of the game, and sounding monotonous like he's calling a golf match.

After Games 3 & 4, Francesa was doing his post game podcast on the BetRivers Network where he lambasted Costas reluctance to take a single breath during his broadcast.


“Costas, who will not be quiet no matter what. He thinks I guess that every word is golden because he just will not shut up. Everything’s a history lesson. We don’t need a history lesson every two seconds!" the former WFAN host yelled after Game 3. Continuing, "everybody’s a Yankees fan. They understand Yankees history. They know it backwards and forwards. This is not a history class. It’s a baseball game. Be quiet! Do the game!"

After Game 4 Francesa joked about Costas's TBS broadcast partner Ron Darling praying for this series to be over.

“Just gotta get through one more game of Bob talking so much. I feel bad for Ron . Ron’s gonna hear Bob in his sleep. Listen, we all know that Bob Costas is a very talented announcer, a talented sportscaster, I’ve known him my whole adult life,” Francesa said. “But he has absolutely just talked on and on and on and just droned on and on and on this entire series about absolutely nothing, for the most part."


I have watched every single inning of these Yankees-Guardians broadcasts and have frequently been going on social media to rail against him. It's weird because we know Costas can broadcast - he has the years of credentials calling some of the biggest events in history, yet he sounds like he's calling his first game ever.

It's almost like he's doing an ESPN 30 for 30 where he has to explain EVERYTHING. Just reading off of notecards like he is doing a school presentation.

Costas's broadcast style saw him trending on Twitter every single game. And not because of his pink eye.

Whether it's him and Darling going off on a joke for way too long after Costas referred to Guardian's pitcher Shane Bieber as Justin Bieber, or him treating the audience as if we've never seen the game of baseball before, Costas has been bizarre this Series.

We'll see if the public's criticism has gotten to him (probably not) or if he's going to just double down (more likely) later today during Game 5.