Emily Ratajkowski Talks Sex On The First Date

Future dates beware. The only thing harder than spelling Emily Ratajkowski's last name is having sex with her on the first date - no matter how much she's into you.

Ratajkowski has found herself back in the dating game, but not the bedroom. She divorced Sebastian Bear-McClard earlier this fall and admits she thinks about sex on the first date.

"I've been thinking about this a lot because it speaks so much to power dynamics and sex on the first date is the ultimate example of that because you're dealing with gender dynamics in such a specific little vacuum of a moment," Ratajkowski said on her podcast, High Low With EmRata.

Ratajkowski Starred Alongside Ben Affleck In Gone Girl (2014)

The 31-year-old Ratajkowski associates sex with vulnerability. She continued telling her podcast listeners that the two feelings align. "I think If you're not ready to be vulnerable, that is a reason not to have sex on the first date," said the actress.

And even if a date with Emily Ratajkowski seems to be going well, don't anticipate doing the no-pants dance.

It ain't happening!

"Even when I'm like, ‘This was a fun night, I don't care if this person and I ever interact again,' I still hate when I feel like there's a part of them that feels like, ‘Yeah, I hit that' kind of vibe," Ratajkowski insisted. "Even if they're not the kind of guy who would say that out loud but you can just feel it. That's a reason not to sleep with a man."

Maybe The Second Date?

Just because Emily isn't knocking boots hours after the first date awkward handshake and a couple of nerve-reducing drinks, that doesn't mean she isn't down for some lovin. Physical intimacy is important for Ratajkowski. Without it, she tends to forget about her dates.

"If I don't sleep with them, I think about them less," Ratajkowski added. "I can forget them in three days. "

So you're saying there's a chance...?

"I think the conclusion we've come to is that you should do whatever the hell you want to do," continued Ratajkowski. "But knowing what it is that you want to do is really hard. That's the hard work."

Never has the phrase "good things come to those who wait" been more appropriate.

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