Elon Musk Reacts To UFO Shoot Downs, Reveals If He Thinks Aliens Are Involved

Elon Musk doesn't think little green men are behind the UFOs that have recently been blasted out of the sky.

Unknown objects being shot down have captivated America ever since a Chinese spy balloon was taken down a couple weekends ago, but that's where things just got started.

Since then, three other objects, which the government claims it can't identify with complete certainty, have also been downed.

Outside of maybe the Roswell incident, there's never been more chatter about UFOs and aliens than there has been right now. It makes sense. Our government just smoked three unknown objects over the span of a few days. That's never happened before and people are nervous.

However, Elon Musk doesn't think E.T. and his friends are responsible.

Elon Musk rules out aliens as the likely cause.

"I don't think it's aliens, no ... The crazy thing is I've seen no evidence of alien technology or alien life whatsoever, and I think I'd no. With SpaceX … I don't think there's anyone who knows more about space than me, or at least space technology," Musk responded during the World Government Summit when bluntly asked if he thinks aliens are behind the recent shoot downs.

He then expanded on his thoughts and made it clear that aliens not existing might not be all good. It would mean Earth is all we have and "we should, therefore, take great care with what very well may be this tiny candle in a vast darkness and make sure that it does not go out."

You can watch his full comments in the tweet below.

What could it be?

Initially, everyone seemed to think China must be responsible for the recent shoot downs. After the spy balloon, why wouldn't the CCP be responsible?

That's why it was so shocking and surprising when NCS spokesman John Kirby announced the government has zero proof right now China is responsible or involved.

It's important to note the wreckages haven't recovered, which means the door can't be shut on anything. If it's not China, Kirby did float it could be commercial or research balloons or crafts being shot down.

All we do know for sure is people need answers. If Elon says it's not aliens and we can rule out China for the time being (if you believe the Biden administration), then we really are just left searching for answers. What a crazy and wild time to be alive. We're truly living through an unprecedented time when it comes to American airspace.

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