Elizabeth Hurley Ramps Up Robe Sales, Albert Pujols Is An Absolute Beast On The Basketball Court & The East Palestine Mayor Is A Unit

Here's a story I didn't expect to hear while catching a local high school basketball game

So there I was last night with my son just trying to see Senior Night at the local boys' basketball game when I ran into an old friend of mine. We sit down to watch the game and there's the typical catching up. Small-talk. Nothing too deep.

Then my old buddy proceeds to tell me about how he stopped by a local car dealership his best friend runs and how a criminal came in Friday and stole a $117,000 Range Rover.


Yeah, drove off.

I kinda blacked out as my friend was telling me the story, but it goes something like this: The criminal says something about how his wife is across the street at BMW looking at cars and meanwhile, he'd like to test drive a Range Rover. Somehow the salesman ends up separated from the vehicle in the lot and the guy bolts in the SUV.


Wait, what about the tracking device built into the expensive Range Rover?

My buddy reminds me that criminals think of things like GPS jamming devices. It turns out those cost $149 online.

Next stop? One has to believe the Middle East or Africa.

Good luck to those of you running car dealerships and driving around in $117,000 Rovers.

Tiger Woods: Role Model?

• John from SD writes:

PGA Golf hasn’t been a big topic on Screencaps for quite a while, until this past weekend at the WM. The IGs showed up in full force and made the event much more entertaining. 

Riviera: I plan on driving up to LA to catch final-round play on Sunday. Brings me to a point: Eldridck Woods is on the cusp of making the cut with a few players yet to complete their 2nd round. This might not affect the cut.

Personally, I am not a fan of Woods. He’s an egotistical person only concerned about himself. His post-accident persona, reaching out to younger players and praising them when they win, is him trying to establish his legacy as a PGA great (which he is) champion. 

Last point: He cheated on his wife multiple times. What type of role model does this make him for any person, golfer, child?


A few of those points might be duplicates. Oh well.

I'm telling you guys, Up North Michigan is a wild place

This happened about 30-40 miles north of where I go canoeing and 50-60 miles where I go golfing in the woods. It's the type of area where you need to understand which dive bars you're welcome in and which dive bars you should just turn around and find a new place to grab a beer.

Speaking of wild, Steel Panther IS BACK with new material and they're embarking on a world tour

Thank you to JD in Wichita for putting this on my radar. For those of you who aren't familiar with Steel Panther, you won't want to play Panther videos without headphones. *NSFW*.

God bless Steel Panther and those of us who can still laugh about the ridiculousness of 80s hair bands and NSFW lyrics.

I just hope Tiger doesn't come out as a big Panther fan or I'll have to release an essay on what it all means.

On putting down the phone

• Drew L. writes:

I really appreciate all the comments about putting down the cell phone camera and enjoying the moment. I'm an avid video editor and photographer. So I intentionally go to places and events with the goal of photography. But even then, I often remind myself to put down the camera and just enjoy where I am. I think the important thing is to make sure you're intentional about it and not get too carried away. And I really do go home and look at all the footage that I shot and put it together into videos that I share with a few friends and family. And because most of my videos are only seen by a few people (except for that top gun video - wow, thanks for sharing!), and I've been doing this for several years, I know I'm doing it primarily because I love it, not for the attention or money.

Btw, I fell in love with video editing due to some hard times years ago when I came to a very sharp understanding about how short life can be. And video editing became my avenue by which I brought myself to appreciate more of what is around me. When I go out shooting videos, I'm more mindful of the moment because I'm looking for interesting things to get shots of. Instead of being too preoccupied and oblivious to my surroundings. 

Anyways, I hope people learn to enjoy the moment, and use their cameras to help them appreciate more of life. 

And if anyone wants to discuss photo/video editing, please feel free to send them my way. 

Thanks and keep up the great work!


Here's Drew's latest work.

And that's it this morning. I need to get to a basketball game, a golf show, a car dealership and it's sunny out.

Go laugh today. Go stretch the legs. Turn off your phones (after scrolling through Screencaps) and have one helluva day in life.

I'll see all of you Monday morning.

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