Elizabeth Hurley & Kim Kardashian Unleash Content Bombs, Stop Mahomes' Baby Mama & Bo Jackson Is Mad!

It's going to be a busy week around here, so let's get rolling ASAP

Well, is anyone tired from sitting in the recliner and watching football for two straight days? My leg actually locked up last night as I fell asleep in the recliner watching Scott Van Pelt put a bow on two days of amazing action. What more can be said about what we saw?

Go back in your memory bank for a shootout like Mahomes-Allen. Try to find a Divisional Round Sunday where we got two endings like last night.

Even with all of its warts and ridiculous social justice warrior-ing to keep the wokes at bay, the NFL just keeps delivering during these vulnerable times when 3/4 of the country is locked into their houses in January just trying to stay warm.

I didn't have some grand editorial plan this morning, so we'll leave it at that and agree to have more fun in a few days when Goodell cranks out two more games.

Until then, let's get down to Screencaps business. It's time to empty out the inbox.

• Ryan H. in Napoleon, OH (just upriver from where I live) has a warning for those who buy fertilizers for their lawns. Pay attention!

Long time, first time.  I have wanted to write for a long time.  I started as checking out the Instagram models and transformed into loving the commentary skipping the models and checking out the food (well, maybe I still glance at the models).  I live just west of you near Napoleon, am a diehard Reds fan, lukewarm Bengals fan (took son to his first Bengals game this year as he has become a big Joe Burrow fan).  

First, I love the random everyday topics and the suggestions and knowledge from everyday working people.  I love the updates from the lumber guy and all the food and travel suggestions.  So, this brings me too why I finally took the time to write.  I enjoy your Thursday Night Mowing League but live on a farm with about 3 mowable acres.  Doing in one evening after work is not happening.  I have moved this job onto my 13-year-old son.  So, I am giving you my contribution to the Thursday Night Mowing League.  

As a farmer, I am up to date on the latest trends of fertilizer and agronomic chemicals.  If you love beautiful, lush, green grass be prepared to pay up this coming spring.  Prices for nitrogen-based fertilizers have doubled to more than tripled at the wholesale level.  Potassium prices have more than doubled in the last year wholesale.  This will be more than passed on to the Home Depot/Lawncare department.  If you are at one of these places in the next few weeks might want to check to see if they have old inventory still sitting on the shelf might be a good buy because it will be insanely high come springtime.  

Weed killers will be just as bad.  Glyphosate (Roundup) has tripled in the last year and all other products to some extent have followed suit.  Your main broad leave killers (think 2-4D and Dicamba) are higher but not at the rate of Roundup.  If the Screencaps community wants to hear the reasons (some of them are really strange) I will gladly write some of them out.  But, hopefully, this can be my little contribution to a great community of knowledge.  

Now, I am looking for some help from you and Screencaps travel community.  My wife and I were hoping to go back to our favorite vacation destination in the Dominican but because of the stupid testing regulations we don't want to risk being kept there (I know ways around it but if it were to happen cant be home from kids and farm more than scheduled).

We did the Hocking Hills/cabin weekend getaway last year really enjoyed it.  Looking for something similar, was wondering about middle Michigan and winery country any good suggestions on places to stay and sites to see?  I was intrigued by the Cuyahoga Valley suggestion in Screencaps today so will check some of that out.  Thanks for any suggestions.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

• Chris S. writes:

Saw this at my daughter’s hockey tournament in Chippewa Falls, WI. Seems like a screencaps type of bank.


Is there anything done in Wisconsin without suckin' down a cold one? I feel like people walk into the title company to finalize a home purchase and everyone is sitting around the table cracking beers while signing 70 pages of contracts.

• Nat C. writes:

First of all thanks so much for writing such a great column. It has been one of the hidden gems of OutKick. I too became a member of OutKick when Jason Whitlock was writing there. I have stayed on because of the great takes that you all have on sports and culture. I must say that I love seeing the daily pictures of #3 at the end of every column.

I’m thrilled for you and the Bengals. If the Bengals can make it this far, then maybe just maybe there is hope for the Jets. In the last twenty years, I try to figure out whose season is over first, the Yankees or the Jets. Usually, it’s Gang Green. The Bengals are giving hope to all of us who root for hapless teams.

In one of your recent columns about the Bourbon Bros, you asked what is the most that we have ever spent on whiskey. It got me thinking about the time that I bought my Dad a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue. My Dad was the original bargain hunter for wine and beer. His quest was to find the best-tasting $10 dollar bottle of red wine, which he managed to do on many occasions. Once he hit his 80’s, he rediscovered scotch, although he still was a bargain hunter.

After my mom passed in 2018, I would fly back to New York from California to visit every 6 weeks or so. Most of these visits involved drinking some scotch and hitting a steakhouse. On one of these visits, I brought over a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue for him. While I am really no connoisseur of whiskey (I kept a bottle of Makers Mark unopened for about 20 years), I was blown away by the smoothness of Johnny Walker Blue. What was even more fun was seeing how much my dad enjoyed it and getting to share the experience with him. I got him another bottle of it for Fathers Day after he turned 90. Whenever I see a bottle of JWB, I have the great memory of sharing a drink with him before going to Sparks.

Once again, thanks so much for doing such a great job with your column. Keep those questions coming. It is great to see the community.


That's just a nice email to receive very early on a Monday morning to get the week started on a positive note. I feel like there should be a special club out there for 90-year-olds who still pour themselves a nice glass of Johnny Walker Blue. I have to believe there's some sort of special powers in JW Blue that keeps the ticker charged up and running at full blast.

My step-father is in his early 80s and enjoys a beer with his chicken wings. That's the best I can do in this department.

• Here's the latest Mexican food update from Mike T. & Cindy T. who are holed up in Puerto Vallarta for several weeks.

Hola Amigo,

Did lunch again today to get the playoffs viewing in again. Today one of our favorites, Tacon De Marlin, which only does huge seafood burritos. As you can see from the picture from the grill picture. Seafood ( shrimp, smoked Marlin and octopus) for me shrimp for Cindy, red onions tomatoes, white onions. Grilled than put into a huge tortilla. Served with assorted salsas, jalapeño salad and cold beer. Cindy would tell ya it’s of best things in the world.

Congratulations on the Bengal win,


The food and beer look incredible, but I'm a big Mexican condiment guy. That looks like some sort of pickled jalapeno salad that Mike T.'s working on and it looks awesome. Give me all the fresh limes, the pickled salad to mix in with that glorious burrito. Then give me those sauce bottles. I'll work those over as well. Then bring more limes. I'm going one lime slice per bite. That's right, just keep the limes coming. And the beers. Let's have six. And another burrito.

• Ed M. is on the bandwagon:

As a lifelong resident and fan of all sports Atlanta (including UGA) I know EXACTLY how you feel. Until this year, across all 4 major sports, since 1966, Atlanta had had ONE title-the 1995 Braves. We have had nothing but heartbreak and sports misery since. But in the span of 11 weeks we got another Braves world series ring AND a football national championship with my beloved Dawgs.

It is a weird feeling going from knowing they will
blow it to expecting them to get it done. All I can say about the Bengals and you is embrace it and believe-and don’t forget to ENJOY the ride even though it is incredibly painful. Makes the actual winning taste so much sweeter after so many years of sports pain. Rooting for you - Who Dey!!

• Todd writes:

You need two of these. One for you and one for Clay.

• Pat O'M stopped by on Saturday to drop this into the email inbox:

After reading about the great Chili and now the Gumbo debate, The question is when it comes to gumbo, is it real gumbo if you add beans? If you are in Cincinnati is it okay to add beans and spaghetti?


Skyline Chili in Cincinnati doesn't use beans, but it's typical to see people in SW Ohio use a chili WITH beans and spread it on spaghetti. Let's not forget we're talking about poor people's food in an area where people tried to stretch their leftovers. It's not like these people were cracking crab legs and drinking fine bottles of wine back in the day.

And it's also not uncommon for people in SW Ohio to turn a beautiful slice of cheap white bread into a side dish by applying a layer of butter. That's right, carbs, more carbs and as cheap as possible.

My dad's dad grew up in Nelsonville, OH during the Depression. As a kid, I remember my grandfather showing me the house that he grew up in on the little hill at the bend in the road. Let's just say, if he had to put kidney beans into chili and then put it over spaghetti for a change of pace, then he was doing it. They were dirt poor. It wasn't exactly a Yelp five-star kitchen.

My grandfather loved making dumplings. I know there's been research suggesting dumplings started as fine dining and wasn't necessarily a poverty meal. Not in my grandfather's case! Those dumplings were trained assassins with an objective to fill up hungry stomachs.

The way I look at things, it's OK to do whatever you damn well please to food to make it an enjoyable experience.

Let's have a strong Monday. I know you're struggling after all the football. Hang in there and get some extra sleep this evening.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

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