Elizabeth Hurley Cranks Out Content, July Sumo Grand Nationals & Clay Enjoys Pure Michigan®

I just happened to turn it on NHK at the perfect time to catch the July Sumo Championships

There I was last night flipping channels after a long day of driving through Detroit on a trip to Legoland. It was a long day overloading the kids with Legos, arcade games, etc. All I wanted was to watch something interesting that wasn't Alex Rodriguez rambling on about the Yankees and Red Sox. Then it happened. My trusty channel -- NHK World-Japan -- had the July Grand Sumo Finals on and that's a full stop. In my NHK experiences, it's rare to see anything that's current.

Typically I'll be watching some guy take trains through Japan and then I realize it's from 2018. Not that it matters. I watch it as my chillout channel. But Sunday was different. This was the legit July Grand Sumo Finals, and we had a couple of legit heavyweights of the industry -- Hakuho vs. Terunofuji in a 14-0 vs. 14-0 showdown for all the marbles.

Talk about an explosive start. Hakuho hit Terunofuji with a forearm shiver, and I was yelling like I was watching Tyson in his prime destroying some dude. Watch this shot! Watch the slap fight! What a sumo match, and I'm not even a big sumo guy. That said, I know a legendary sumo match when I see one.

This was easily the best thing I saw all weekend, and that's saying something because I was actually watching baseball on a Saturday night and saw a Reds groundskeeper guy faceplant while pulling the tarp. When I'm having a bad day, I'll go back and watch that forearm and slapping to cheer me up.

Hakuho took home a huge trophy, and I set a DVR series recording for future Sumo Grand Finals episodes. You're damn right I'm fired up for the August event. Inject it into my veins and then give me a double shot of preseason NFL action.

• Indy Daryl writes:


Good evening and happy Sunday! Not sure a ruling is necessary, but what are your thoughts on the post vacation mow? Got an early week mow in the Wednesday before vacation, and didn’t get back till 1am Saturday morning, ten days later. With all the rain there was no way it could wait until Thursday. I took the hit and just finished up a fairly grueling, hot, sunny, and unfortunately Sunday afternoon mow. Hope this doesn’t DQ me from the league this week!

Also, very interested in a TMNL group outing, let me know when and where and I will try to make it.

Thanks and I hope your start to the week is a good one!

Commish response: Post-vacation mows are critical. There's nothing worse than not mowing the yard on Sunday after getting home from vacation. It's right up there with instantly washing everything in your travel bag from a guy's trip to Put-In-Bay, or a French Quarter trip, or a Vegas three-day bender. Everything right into the washing machine. I don't care if the pants were never worn. I don't care if there's a shirt that smells Downy fresh. It's getting washed.

Daryl made the smart move here. He got the yard right, and now his workweek can start on a bright note. He can jump in the truck, leave for work and look at that yard shining as the sun rises across Indianapolis. Like I've always said, 'What would my own dad do?' Would he get home from a Canadian fishing trip and leave the grass looking like crap all the way through a Monday? Absolutely not. He'd mow in the dark before that would happen.

• I have to say it was a rather weird Saturday night in the emails. I don't know what some of you guys were drinking, but it must've been really good stuff because the emails got wild with the prose some of you pumped out.

• Jim checked in Saturday night and seems fired up over TNML:

Carpe diem!!
Do you know who YOU are??

No, not Joe.

Professor John Keating .

Carpe TNML Diem!!

INSPIRATION for Millions (??)

You CANNOT be a libtard woke d'rat AND be TNML!!

The INSPIRATION this country needed in this time!!

Awesome. Just awesome. 

I can't wait for Thursday night....
Commish response: I agree with Jim that TNML is exactly what this country needs these days. It shouldn't come as a surprise as you see some outlets sniffing around in the world of mowing and landscaping. Don't sweat those other sites. Focus on what we've built in a matter of weeks. Jim gets it. He knows who gave birth to a mowing revolution. By the way, I need more poems from Jim. I need more mowing prose from others out there. Keep pumping it out.

• By the way, I received the latest merchandise stats from Maxx (yes, with two Xs) and you guys are absolutely killing it with the TNML gear. I'm absolutely blown away by the continued response to this project. I've been with OutKick for 13 months, and we have ourselves a legitimate project.

• 8U baseball update: My son's team ran out of steam Saturday against a yellow team that could hit the ball. Team Purple was without its best player and that hurt, but they still had opportunities to have big innings, which wasn't always the case this summer. In the end, I have a son who's begging me to throw batting practice -- yes, I'm thinking about buying a pitching machine to help save me from shoulder surgery. I have a son who was bummed it was over, even though he struggled with hitting. Now he can focus on the city summer rec program -- soccer and dodgeball -- and soak up the next 30 days before school starts again.

• You're damn right I have plans to play golf this week, especially after that Legoland expedition. It's been over three weeks since I've picked up the clubs, so it's time to get after it. Baseball is done, and I can go back to playing golf before the kids even get out of bed. I'm so ready.

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