Eli Manning Comes Out Of Retirement To Recreate OBJ's Legendary Catch With Michael B. Jordan

Eli Manning is retired, but that isn't keeping him from throwing bombs and dropping dimes. The 42-year-old former Giants quarterback recently returned to his old stomping grounds and traded OBJ for MBJ to recreate one of the greatest catches in NFL history.

Back in 2014, during a Week 12 game against the Cowboys, Odell Beckham Jr. broke down the right sideline and proceeded to make a one-handed catch heard around the world. You know the one, your mom knows the one— everybody knows the one!

Although Justin Jefferson may have surpassed Beckham for the greatest catch in league history back in November, the New York wide receiver's one-handed snag set the precedent. It was bananas.

Nine years later, Beckham was replaced by Michael B. Jordan. Kind of.

Ahead of the release of 'Creed III,' the famous actor, New Jersey-native and life-long Giants fan joined Manning on the field at MetLife Stadium for a Hollywood reenactment of Beckham's snag. Jordan, dressed in a full uniform, played the role of receiver.

Eli Manning played himself.

Even former New York center Shaun O'Hara was there to make things as accurate as possible.

It was loosely based on a true story for two reasons:

After receiving strict instructions from his quarterback, the 36-year-old broke to his right, snuck down the sideline and positioned himself well for the catch. Manning let it rip.

With some pads in the end zone to brace his fall, Jordan went up and came down with the touchdown.

Again, Beckham used one hand. Jordan used two.

So although it was not quite the same, it was still one heck of a grab! It almost looked more like David Tyree's helmet catch than Beckham's one-hander.

Nevertheless, Jordan, Manning and O'Hara were hyped. The full video makes it seem as though they got the shot on the first take, which makes it even more impressive!