Eagles Fan Allyssa Enjoys Week 2, Jerry Jones Had Quite A Crowd In His Suite & LSU Let's Out A Loud 'F Joe Biden'

What did we learn this weekend?

Let's start off this morning by going out on a limb and say the Titans better win the AFC South. Clay will go off the deep end if this Titans team cannot win a division that includes the Jags, Texans (now onto the backup QB), and the Carson Wentz-led Colts. Did you see the shovel pass from Wentz? Awful.

Titans fans should just go ahead and plan on hosting a home Wild Card game in January against the Raiders, who appear capable of winning 10 games and finishing a game or two behind the Chiefs.

Oh and look at that, the Colts travel to Tennessee next Sunday with Wentz hobbled.

• Moving along, I tried to enjoy two beers on the patio while watching the games, but the damn bees were out of control. I'm just waiting for someone to accuse me of not thinking about the bees with my landscaping. Hey you nature freaks, I dare you to come over to my yard and attempt to eat a strawberry shortcake or drink a beer this time of year.

At one point, I sliced up my face trying to swat a bee. Beer went flying. Joe Burrow was throwing interceptions. The Browns were winning. It was a bad scene.

• What's up with the CBS Sports app not working with local NFL games? I have UVerse (go ahead, laugh all you want while paying $200 for all the app services you're subscribed to), but the local affiliate is blocking me from watching the local game through the CBS app. Incredibly dumb.

So I had to bring out an extra cable box, run the wires. Besides putting up an antenna outside, what's the solution here? I'm fine bringing out the cable box, but it's a pain in the ass to have cords everywhere.

• Shame on the Jets for throwing Zach Wilson to the wolves. Did you see the INTs Sunday against the Patriots? The quarterback room consists of Wilson and Mike White, a third-year player out of Western Kentucky. I'm no NFL expert, but would it have been such a disaster to go out and get a veteran QB to play the first six weeks until Wilson got used to cashing paychecks? There are garbage franchises and then there are the Jets.

• Meanwhile, in Carolina, Sam Darnold is 2-0 and playing competent football. Talk about a guy who must feel like he's been released from a prison cell. Like Matthew Stafford, Darnold has to be feeling good about life right now.

"It's great, it's complementary football, we talk about it all of the time," Darnold said after Sunday's win over the Saints. "But us having the ball and sustaining drives, obviously we want to do more in the red zone, we want to score more points. But to be able to stay on the field as an offense and then our defense going out and creating three and outs and stopping them, it's really good football."

• Pool season is officially over. It was a good run this year, but it's time to close it down as we head towards the final September weekend with temps in the upper 60s. I know there's going to be an October weekend where it's 87 and hot as balls, but I'm done maintaining the water. It's time to move on to garage projects and avoiding the damn bees on the patio.

• I'm no Dow Jones expert, but it's going to be a bloody day out there on the market.

Stay strong and let's have a great week as September continues to roll by at warp speed.

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