Drunk Woman Who Led Police On A Motorized Suitcase Chase Through Airport Is On The Run Again

The drunk woman who led a bike cop on a high-speed motorized suitcase chase through Orlando International Airport in February is on the run again, and this time, she's in big trouble. According to media reports from the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, 32-year-old Chelsea Alston failed to show up for her court date.

ClickOrlando.com reports that Alston's felony battery on a law enforcement case was set to begin Wednesday, but the wild woman from New Jersey failed to show.

The judge in Alston's case issued extradition orders that will execute when Alston is apprehended. She will face the felony charge for her February antics.

That was Alston, drunk and disorderly in February as she rode around on her suitcase in what started out as a humorous body cam video showing a cop trying to get Alston out of the terminal. Things changed when Chelsea spit at the officer.

Once in cuffs, Chels spit at the officer again and the officer's once cordial mood changed. He'd had enough of her drunken antics and it was time to take a ride to the county jail.

According to prosecutors, Alston was offered a plea deal that wouldn't result in further jail time beyond the 20 days she spent in jail after her arrest.


Yeah, she's most likely going to pack a suitcase for the county jail after skipping her trial.


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