DoorDash Driver Leaves Customer Note After Eating His Food

Using a food delivery service doesn't always guarantee that your order will arrive as planned. There are several things that can go wrong with an order. A DoorDash customer found this out recently when his delivery arrived with a note from the driver.

A TikToker by the name of Funny Mane Suede says that a recent Wingstop order was delivered with all of his food having been eaten. His drink wasn't touched, but all of his fries and his wings were gone.

All that was in the bag was an empty fry tray, chicken wing bones and an apology note from his DoorDash driver.

Here's how the video starts, "I cannot make this up. Here I am ordering some Wingstop and in my bag, I get this."

"Now I know you noticed the fries gone. My drink is intact but again my fries gone and a damn note in it."

The Note To Top All Notes

The upset and hungry TikToker then reads the note left by the DoorDash guy, which is one of the funniest sorry, not sorry apologies I've ever seen.

"I'm sorry I 8 cho food. I'm broke and hungry. Consider it like ur payin it 4ward. I'm quitting this lame ass job N E way. B blessed. Your Door Dash Guy."

Normally I don't like people messing with other people's food like this. For obvious reasons. But high on my list of reasons is there are few things worse than looking forward to eating something then not getting said food.

But I kind of respect the move by the DoorDash driver. He could have simply taken the entire order and not delivered anything. He chose instead to deliver it with a note.

Not just any note, a note that is part justification for his actions and an attempt to tell the customer that he did something good by providing him a free meal. It's incredible how some minds work.

This is just the latest sign that society is collapsing under our feet.

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