DoorDash Driver Kicks Customer's Food & Steals Her Drink Because She Asked For Ketchup

Most experiences with food delivery services go off without a hitch. But when they go wrong they tend to go very wrong. We're talking about food being eaten or odd exchanges with the person delivering the food.

A TikToker, with more than 6.3 million followers, shared her poor experience with a DoorDash driver. It all started because she asked for ketchup with her Cook Out order. It ended with her food being kicked and her drink being stolen.

Gianna first shared a video explaining that she was asked what kind of sauce she wanted because Cook Out was out of their signature sauce. When she replied with ketchup the delivery driver "went off" on her.

As she describes the exchange with the DoorDash driver, she opens the bag to reveal that all of her food had been eaten. To make matters worse the inside of the bag had the Cook Out sauce all over it.

It Can Be Hit Or Miss With DoorDash

Gianna followed the first video up with one showing the text exchange she had with the driver and the doorbell camera footage showing her food arriving. It's obvious from the exchange that the driver isn't a fan of ketchup.

The delivery driver responded, "Ew nasty bitch" to the request for ketchup. A crying laughing face emoji was met with another insult, "Tf you laughing at weird taste bud having bitch."

The video then shows the arrival of the food. The delivery driver can been seen setting a bag and a drink down on the steps before taking a picture. They then kick the bag, grab the drink, and run back to their vehicle.

I could absolutely understand doing this if the driver forgot the ketchup and the customer complained, but this just seems like a person who hates ketchup and everyone who would dares request it. They may not be cut out for food delivery.

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