Dodgers & Padres Fans Throw Hands In The Stands At Petco

The Los Angeles Dodgers are in San Diego taking on the Padres for the last time this season. That means it's also the last series of the season for the fans of the two teams to trade punches in the stands.

That's precisely what happened Wednesday night at Petco Park. A couple of fans decided to square off in what turned out to be a one-sided fight.

A Padres fan, sporting a Manny Machado jersey, got into an argument with a Dodgers fan in the row in front of him. The disagreement turned physical and the two ended up throwing punches.

The Padres fan used the advantage of the higher ground perfectly and got the best of the Dodgers fan. When the dust finally settled, and the two amateur fighters were separated, the Dodgers fan was bleeding and had lost a shoe.

If You're Going To Go Out, Go Out Swinging

Props to the woman sitting next to the Dodgers fan. She had her phone out and presumably was recording the whole time.

She either doesn't know the guy or is sick of him and wanted to see him get his ass kicked. Whichever scenario is the case, I'm a fan.

As for the on-the-field action, the Dodgers won the game 1-0 in 10 innings. The win extended Los Angeles' lead in the division to 21 games over the second-place Padres.

An exclamation point on a disappointing season if you're a Padres fan. At least one them went home a little less disappointed after the loss.

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