Did Baby Gronk 'Cook' Chip Ahoy In 7V7 Showdown? You Decide

What in the NIL did I just watch?

Let's dive into the world of 5th grade 7v7 football where Baby Gronk –– we profiled him in 2023 when his dad (allegedly) slid into Paige Spiranac's direct messages –– went head-to-head with some other viral superstar 5th grader named Chip Ahoy at a camp where viral stars play football against each other & viral content is made. 

If this all seems weird, you haven't seen anything yet. Welcome to the world of 5th graders tackling Instagram models (Baby Gronk appeared in that content recently) and trying their damnedest, typically via their parents, to go viral. 

This is what's happening in a world of athletics where NIL deals can turn kids into millionaires before college. 

Let's go to the footage from the 7v7 where cameras were rolling and future NIL deals were cetainly on the table. 

As you'll notice in the first video, it appears that Chip Ahoy is shutting down the 5th grader (Baby Gronk graduated from elementary school last week) who claims he committed to Michigan after flipping his commitment from Ohio State. 

Spoiler: Michigan and Ohio State aren't offering scholarships to Baby Gronk.

"Oh so fat. Yo ass can't. On that s--t," Ahoy taunts Baby Gronk during an offense versus defense drill. 

"Lil ass boy," the cocky defensive back continues. "I'm not playing with you boy. Daddy did all that poppin'."

Do you think Baby Gronk's social media team was just going to take that from Ahoy?

Oh hell noooooo! 

BG's team fought back with its own footage from the 7v7 event where a 5th grade football analyst breaks down film. 

"Did Baby Gronk just get humbled?" the analysts asks like he's Troy Aikman analyzing Monday Night Football. 

"Chip Ahoy was trying to get in Baby Gronk's head, but then Baby Gronk started cooking," analyst guy continued. "Baby Gronk first hit him with this hook route to score a touchdown. Baby Gronk gave him a piggyback ride." 

And that analysis goes on from there. 

"Is Baby Gronk the best 7v7 football player in the country?" he asks at the end of the video. 

Thanks, NIL. 

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