Denise Richards Admits To Posting Revealing Pics On OnlyFans And Her Husband Shoots Them

A few months ago, Denise Richards followed in the footsteps of her 18-year-old daughter Sami Sheen by joining OnlyFans. She recently revealed that her husband is also in the family business, but on the other side of the camera.

Richards, 51, talked about her venture into the subscription based platform world during an appearance on Sirius XM's Jeff Lewis Live. During the visit, she said that her husband, Aaron Phypers, shoots a lot of her content and gives his advice on what she posts on her OnlyFans.

"Aaron takes a lot of my content for me. He knows what guys like," the model/actress said. "I ask him, I show him things, and say, 'What do you think?'"

Richards isn't making Instagram behind a paywall content

Richards, who has two children with actor Charlie Sheen and a third via adoption, talked about the type of content she posts on the platform. As you would expect she has plenty of bikini and lingerie content.

What might come as a surprise to some, and worth the price of admission to others, is that she does offer content that is a little more revealing.

"I do bikini, I do lingerie, I do stuff that is sexier 'cause I also think, 'Why not?' if I'm able to do stuff outside of some of the more conservative stuff that's on my Instagram," Richards said.

She then admitted, "I do show my boobies, my tush."

When asked flat out by Lewis if that meant she goes topless on her OnlyFans, Richards had the perfect response, "Yeah, I feel they're already out there if you Google them."

Mama bear in the age of OnlyFans

Richards also talked about her decision to follow her daughter onto the platform. She says she joined because of the backlash her daughter received from doing so.

She said, "I had heard of it, and she reassured me that she was going to keep it to mainly bikini stuff and bathing suits and stuff like that."

"And then the reason I wanted to join is because she got so much backlash for that, that I didn't think it was really fair."

"I've done things in my career," she continued. "I've done Playboy, I was in Wild Things, and I've done sexy shoots before, naughty movies, things like that."

"And sometimes people say nasty things, well a lot of time they do. But I thought, this is not fair that she's getting this much backlash when a lot of people post things like that, even just on Instagram."

If you weren't already a Denise Richards fan I don't know how you're not now. Her OnlyFans story has it all. There's family, there's great content, and there's a mom protecting her young. What's not to love?