Delta Passenger Apologizes For Flipping Out On Flight Over Dog Rules

Ma'am this isn't Spirit Airlines.

An out-of-control lunatic Delta Airlines passenger has issued an apology for her behavior during an October 12 Atlanta-to-New York flight when she flipped out over being asked to put her dog into a carrier.

Anna Dugan, 32, says her behavior wasn't "right."

The Las Vegas bartender acknowledged to Inside Edition that it's time to clean up her act. “I am sorry that I got so upset. However, I felt like I needed to…stick up for myself. I know I need to work on my emotions, but they weren’t right either,” Dugan told the tabloid news show.

Dugan is adamant she put the dog in the bag when a flight attendant made the request. But it was too late. The flight crew had enough of her behavior and told her to take it to Southwest. That was an unnecessary shot at Southwest. The crew member should've said Spirit or Frontier.

The feisty Dugan went completely crazy when a passenger told her to "Get off the plane."

"I am. Shut the f--- up," she spouted off.

And then a water bottle went flying to the disbelief of elite Delta passengers who aren't used to such trashy behavior.

“Nobody acting this way flies on a flight with us,” a crew member tells Dugan.


This is why I fully expect to pay $200 per ticket to fly Delta. I don't want my kids' subjected to such trash behavior.

“OK. F*** you,” Dugan fired back at the crew member.

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