Dasha Lapushka Is Being Called 'World's Most Beautiful Soccer WAG' -- You Make The Call

According to the British tabloids, there's a new "World's Most Beautiful Soccer WAG" and her name is Dasha Lapushka, whoever that is.

I know, I know...I'm supposed to be up on everything related to famous athlete girlfriends and what they're doing on Instagram, but it's impossible these days when there are 8,000 soccer girlfriends across the globe dumping out content.

According to these British tabloids who are throwing around "World's Most Beautiful" headlines, Lapushka dates some guy named Andrea Pinamonti, who is some wafer-thin 23-year-old Italian striker who plays for Sassuolo in Serie A. The couple released a Calvin Klein underwear shoot this week on Instagram and now all the soccer bros can't stop talking about how Dasha is the future of the WAG industry.

Look, I'm just going off what the industry is reporting here. Was there some sort of WAG committee that got together and made this determination? I have no idea, but I do know the OutKick Culture Department has not discussed this declaration on a Zoom call.

What do we know about the "World's Most Beautiful WAG?"

We know, based on her IG bio, that she's an artist who spends most of her time between Rome and Dubai. In January, she posted a party video from what appears to be her birthday. "Thanks everyone for making this day memorable!!! I love you guys! ❤️ #30," she wrote on IG (in Italian, but then I used the handy translation button).

We also know that Dasha loves the Vitamin D in Dubai. I mean, come on, who doesn't love the Vitamin D in the Persian Gulf. You can't go in a bar here in Ohio without someone singing the praises of Dubai's Vitamin D.

Now comes the hard part for this woman sporting over 400,000 Instagram fans. The pressure is fully on her bronzed shoulders. There will be WAGs coming for her title. There are kit chasers right now hoping to one day land that designation because it'll turn into hundreds of thousands of new IG followers which is good for WAG business.

"If life gives you a hundred reasons to cry show it you have a thousand to smile!!!," Dasha wrote (or used a quote generator) from Dubai on IG back in November.

I don't know what it all means, but I do know it's officially game on and we're about to see an extremely heated competition for that "Beautiful" title.

Buckle up.

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