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Welcome to Saturday Screencaps Lite

I have to get on the road to the Put In Bay golf invitational, so let's make this quick. We'll start with the email sent in Thursday from Ben B. in Huntsville, Alabama who writes:

Joe you have done an amazing service to our country amplifying the craft of lawn-mowing.  This is our BAND of mowers - we do 21-23 yards every Saturday for the rentals we own in Huntsville.  Our "family" side hustle is mowing - you bring honor to the hot dusty work. 

My wife Erin retired as a news anchor, leaving behind a woke industry for real work that keeps the kids working, sweating and earning.  Ansley marches in Alabama's Million Dollar Band, Jillian is Drum Major of the Huntsville High School Band and Daniel Starnes is an Eagle Scout high school Junior in the HHS band as well. 

Keep shining the light on lawn mowing - it keeps families and friends together... and if you are clever - you can knock out all the yards in about 4 hours... and enjoy some Dairy Queen when you are done!  Thanks, Joe!

• Joey in Illinois writes:

My man Joe,

How could I have missed the connection between the TNML and our neighborhood fundraiser? Eventually I connect all the dots, even if it takes a bit. The 3rd weekend in September every year our neighborhood hosts a lawn mower poker run to benefit the Alzheimer's Association. If memory serves this will be our 10 year anniversary. In the past 9 years we've donated about $45,000 to Alzheimers, not too bad from a little 60 house circle that limits the poker run participation to 120 entrants each year. I've attached photos of our 2018 turnout from the roof of my house, as well as our huggie which makes us 'official'.

I'm also attaching a couple videos from inside the City of Pekin, IL fireworks show. This year I was on the 5" shell line. We do 4, 5, 5/6, and 6" lines, all along the baseball infield.

Again, Thanks for this little slice of sanity called Screencaps!

Busch Beer is flying off the shelves

• Chris D. in Nebraska knows a Screencaps story when he sees one.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch sent out the i-Team to investigate why there's a Busch Light craze across this country.

"Beer drinkers, wearied by rising prices, are starting to pick cheaper “value” beers over pricier “premium” brands. And Busch Light is the obvious choice for savings: It’s the country’s best-selling value beer, and Anheuser-Busch has worked hard to keep it that way."

Sales of Busch Light were up 4% in June over June 2021.

And with that, I have to run. I have this ferry to catch and maniacs to avoid who are also heading over to the Key West of the Great Lakes. Here's to a fun weekend of island golfing and whatever you have going on.

It's time to determine a 2022 Put In Bay Two-Club Invitational Champion.

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