Dana White Is Making A Documentary Calling Out All His Haters: OutKick Exclusive

Haters beware - Dana White is coming after you.

The UFC President and Power Slap League founder told OutKick's Mike "Gunz" Gunzelman that he's had enough and is fighting back against his critics.

"I'm making a documentary about the media that I'm putting together that I can't wait to put out. Where I'm calling people out by name, the publication they work for... I can't wait, trust me this is going to be a passion project for me," White said sternly.

White went on to call out his hometown publication of the Las Vegas Review Journal - which he says is "one of the biggest piece of shit f'n newspapers across the country."

The newspaper was critical of White wanting to have a live, full arena for a UFC event in lieu of the coronavirus pandemic and chaos.

"Their headline is 12,000 people are willing to die to watch a UFC event live... what it tells you is weak, whiny, terrified, uneducated...and that's the thing with most of these media guys. They are the weakest, wimpiest people on Earth trying to talk about and there within lies the problem," White told Gunz during their interview.

UFC was the first promotion to continue live sporting events at their "Fight Island" in July of 2020.

They were also the first league/organization/promotion to hold fully attended sporting events in the United States during that time. UFC 261: Usman vs Masvidal 2 had over 15,000 people at Jacksonville, Florida's Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena in April of 2021.


There's no doubt that Dana White is going to go scorched-earth on his critics and doubters.

From The New York Times, who White called "snooty, wimpy, creepy," to the media in general, White's not holding back.“These guys actually come out and try and write stories about something they know nothing about. It’s fascinating. And what’s even more fascinating to me? Why would anyone f’n read what they think," White asked.

Dana White also went off on today's cancel culture mentality that he says is out of hand.

"It's like this whole cancel culture thing and all the things that are going on in this world today. You, and you alone decide your fate - you don't let these outside forces come in, and all the noise and all the BS knock you off track from what you want to do."


Dana then talked about his own personal mindset for dealing with critics - comparing it to having to go to war (against them) everyday.

"Every day when I set foot on the f'n floor, I'm ready to go to war, that's the way I look at it... We have people coming at us every day," White said. "We're going to war!

"When I started Power Slap, I had this installed in my office and it says, 'May God have mercy upon my enemies - because I won't.' And I have it in there in my office and I look at it every f'n day and that is the way that I'm wired and that is the way I think all day, every single day."


Perhaps part of the reason why Dana is so vocal about his opinions is because he truly doesn't care what his opponents have to say, and also - he's been proven right. During the UFC's first couple of years they were getting destroyed by sports media, labeled as 'barbaric,' and 'disgusting.' Well, the UFC is now become a multi-billion dollar entity.

Also, there's no doubt that White's determined insistence to have fans in full attendance set the groundwork for the rest of the sports world to follow (albeit, slowly) his lead. Sports fans may recall that even outdoor baseball games had fans separated and sitting rows apart from each other. That was months after the UFC was already hosting fully attended events from indoor arenas. That's another win for Dana.

Anyone who follows the UFC or just sports in general understands Dana White's personality. His fans love his 'no holding back, what you see is what you get,' approach. His critics can't stand it.

Being that his fans support him no matter what, and his critics 'can't quit' their obsessiveness towards him, something tells me that this documentary is going to be a HUGE success.

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