Dallas Man Is Back With His Halloween Massacre Decorations, Including A Wood Chipper That Spits (Fake) Blood

Dallas artist Steven Novak, who had the cops called on him last year for his bloodbath Halloween decorations, is at it again with blood, guts, knives through heads, and a body part wood chipper that's a nice touch.

“Last year’s hits remain: the safe, ladder, chainsaw, Roof Guy and my girlfriend," Novak told the Dallas Observer said about his real-life partner. "Also the fake blood made of corn syrup on the sidewalk. But there are lots of new details; 55-gallon drums are now out by the curb filled up with the shredded party . And I made the body parts this year by cutting up mannequins then filling them with skeleton parts and Great Stuff insulation foam.”

Novak, who claims he didn't feel pressure to one-up his 2020 performance, went big with the chipper that reportedly shoots gallons of fake blood all over the yard.

“There are lots of new gimmicks to this year’s caper," Novak said. "The wood chipper blood fountain being the clear centerpiece and easily the most challenging prop. It took me months to find an old wood chipper for sale. The sellers were not pleased with its new purpose.”

Novak says that he's just getting started and that next year will be even bigger and better. "It's joyous," Novak told CBS-11 in Dallas. "It brings a lot of joy my way and it really, really makes me happy."

So if you find yourself in East Dallas this Halloween season, ask around and go hunting for Novak's decorations. Just watch out for flying blood out of the wood chipper.

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