Dallas Fans Get Into Massive Melee After 49ers Beat The Cowboys

Some fans lost their cool Sunday night after the San Francisco 49ers eliminated the Dallas Cowboys from the playoffs.

AT&T Stadium hosted a watch party for the NFC playoff game in San Francisco, and while most fans managed to handle the loss without losing their minds, some fans in Texas definitely took things too far.

A pair of viral videos from Dallas Texas TV showed fans trying to beat the living hell out of each other outside of AT&T Stadium.

You can check out all the absolutely insane carnage below.

Cowboys fans went crazy.

Seriously, what is wrong with these people? If fans were trying to destroy each other because the team lost, that's simply insane.

There's no excuse for that kind of behavior. As a fan of the Lions, I'm used to losing. It's built into the DNA of my NFL fandom. You know how many times I've tried to start a brawl? Zero.

Yet, it looked like a full-blown MMA match out in the streets near the stadium. The first video is also definitely the worst.

That guy on the ground was getting pummeled like it was going out of style.

Listen, everyone gets upset when their team loses. It's frustrating and nobody likes to see it happen. However, there's simply never an excuse to start throwing haymakers. You just can't let it happen.

Next time, grab another beer and relax. It's much better than losing your teeth. That's simply a fact.

Let us know your thoughts on the unreal brawl between Cowboys fans below.

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