Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Jensen Celebrates Victory Monday, Packers Fans Drink London Dry & Kyler Is Hillary

Weekend observations to get the week off and running

• My biggest accomplishment this weekend was out-driving my big-hitter teammates on one hole during a Saturday scramble. My second biggest accomplishment: Winning a trampoline park raffle prize that my kids will enjoy on a brutal January morning before playoff football.

• As of this morning, Tom Brady has the easiest remaining schedule in the NFL. Two teams above .500 remain on his schedule: the 49ers and Ravens. Baltimore has two as well: The Giants and Tommy.

• Congrats to my Bengals for losing yet another division game that was there for the taking. See the above bullet point for why that game was clearly important.

• Thank god for NFL parity and the expanded playoffs or I'd be losing my mind over these brutal losses.

• How do the degenerates who show up to the pumpkin farm afford $40 in ride tickets, $120 in pumpkins, a $25 round of pumpkin iced drinks, donuts, a hayride, and a bag of popcorn? There must be some sort of investment plan I don't know where people are putting away money out of each check for pumpkin patch day like back in '85 when my dad would throw $10 a check into the Christmas club or whatever the bank called it.

• What's the perfect temperature for fall? It felt like Sunday was in that in-between territory where it makes dressing for the pumpkin patch a huge decision. It was full sun, 68 and windy. Clearly, that's not hoodie weather. It was so close to short-sleeve weather, but with the wind, it ended up being quarter-zip.

• Huge pain in the ass weather.

• "When is it officially chili season?" was a great question at the golf club. Ask your coworkers. It will stop them in their tracks and they'll actually go into a deep-thinking mode for a minute.

• Full disclosure: I'm a member of the Fox News Corp. family, but I have to bring up that Fox Big Noon Saturday has been at like 15 straight Michigan games. That should tell you everything you need to know about the Big Ten right now. USC can't join the league fast enough. Next Saturday, Big Noon Saturday is in...you guessed it...Ann Arbor.

• In case you didn't look at the new AP Top 25, James Madison is No. 25. As a Toledo grad, it's moments like this where I have to wonder what the hell happened to the MAC. Not a single team received a Top 25 vote. The league isn't even interesting and there's just one more Saturday game until the league is relegated to weeknights to serve as live content fodder so ESPN/Disney can sell holiday advertising.

• Next Saturday is begging to be a college football party day.

• Anyone having a houseboat party before the Bama-Tennessee game?

Auburn-UGA tailgating report

• Sam L. writes:

Our house chef making shrimp tacos.

I've googled, binged, and asked Jeeves. UGA is still the National Champions...

Hairy and the cheerleaders making the rounds.....

Post game tailgating....

Longhorns ARE BACK?

Is it just me or is Quinn Ewers shooting the bird?

Oh look, a big report on tipping came out Friday, but it's pretty much everything we've covered on Screencaps

Those lib libs at Vox are out with this report on tipping and how people are being pushed into tip guilt by machines and human faces asking if you'd like to "put a tip" on that $6 cup of coffee.


The Vox reporter brought in some quotes from an etiquette expert and we learn -- as if you couldn't guess -- that the point-of-sale machines that request the tip get a cut of the tip.

In other words, if you're going to tip, give cash because the barista isn't getting the full tip.

Annnnndddddd....the Ts are off

Mike T. & Cindy T. are officially headed to Europe for six months, but first, Mike sent a report that they flew over Mt. St. Helens on the "way over."

Here we go. These two are heading into Europe as Putin prepares to send western Europe into the Dark Ages for winter. This is going to be great to have Screencaps boots on the ground and moving around for six months.

That was yet another game the Bengals should've won

• Bill L. writes:

Saw this plate in a Lincoln Nebraska Target lot.

New Screencaps t-shirt ideas

• MJ V. writes:

I think the logo is easy - picture of a garage beer fridge and on the front there's an outline of Hildee's bellybutton. (Assuming it could fit on the fridge)

• Jeremy P. in Alpharetta, GA writes:

Hey Joe,

Thanks so much for asking your readers for t-shirt ideas. Here are mine, and only Screencaps readers will really get it if they see one another out in the wild.

I’m stacked (with a pic of a stacked cord of wood underneath)

Mowin’ Ain’t Easy (with a mower underneath)

I can’t wait to see what your readers come up with. Have a great weekend

• Louie in Savannah, GA writes:

Love the idea of screen caps T shirts!

Thought of a few slogans while enjoying some single malt (don’t worry, not Beau in Toledo level. Lol)




DO YOU EVEN CAPS BRO? (Alpha life)




Those are just a few, I’m sure your inbox is blowing up with this. It would be great if some of us who have been blessed to be quoted in CAPS could get names on the back.

I’d proudly rock LOUIE IN SAVANNAH on the back of a CAPS t shirt. Indy Daryl, Beau, Mike T…?

What a fantastic community you have spearheaded!

• Tommy N. in Texarkana writes:

I agree with Brian A.  And although I don't have any issues finding Screencaps on the site, I do agree that being "under" the culture tab is a bit of a slap in all of our faces.  Get that rectified, sir.  You and all of us deserve better.

How does it feel to know that what YOU have birthed and grown impacts so many people across this great country?  That's gotta be a badass feeling, and also the good kind of burden!

To all the people focused on Hildee, I just don't understand it.  Focus on the good, because she brings ALOT of it.  didn't even know she had a belly button.  

Slogan:  "Screencaps - Where Real America Resides."  I envision that with a mountain/stream kind of Montana vibe, maybe even a golf course or hole.

Loving that this is here for 7 days of our week now.  I pee in the mornings and brush my teeth 7 days a week, so it makes complete sense that Screencaps should be a 7 day a week thing.  Felt a void, but didn't realize how big it was until it wasn't there on Sunday mornings anymore!

I'll let you get back to it!  Keep up the great work!!

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