Dak Prescott's Girlfriend Natalie Buffett Is Enjoying Her Birthday On A Yacht

Dak Prescott's relationship with girlfriend Natalie Buffett appears to be taking the next step as the couple fired up their social media channels Sunday night to show off the yacht where these two are celebrating Natalie's 25th birthday.

The Cowboys quarterback was all smiles as an iPhone photographer caught the couple aboard the yacht enjoying the golden hour which was apparently followed by a night of cocktails and Natalie celebrating her big birthday.

According to friends who've been posting content from the yacht, the group is in the Bahamas living up the yacht life while Dak peels off some of that $40 million or so he made in 2021.

One of Natalie's friends posted video of Dak doing some deep-sea fishing while the ladies have been busy filling up the five-gallon content bucket with material to dump out when this yacht trip ends.

As for Buffett and Dak, these two have been together since the early days of COVID in 2020 when the couple broke free from lockdown orders to attend a private event. Before long, Natalie was photographed on Dak's balcony and then came the 2020 Halloween photo where Natalie dressed as a nurse with a giant Jell-O shot for Dak who was on crutches after fracturing his ankle.

Now together for two years, they've entered the yacht vacation period of their relationship. Don't worry about Dak's wallet. He has another $40 million coming here in five months when the 2022 season gets cranked up.

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