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Sign of the times and the signs aren't disappearing even though inflation has supposedly eased

For Father's Day, all I wanted to do was go out to a greasy spoon breakfast place to get an omelet and some home fries. Basic breakfast. I didn't want anything special. I'm talking about one of those strip mall breakfast joints that have multiple LED message boards declaring "Omelets" and "Bacon" where you can get a meal for $8.99 and be fueled for a full day of mulching.

Then came the big surprise and a sure sign of the times: The omelet meals are now $14.99 and up. I've been to this place probably 40-50 times in my life and they've always had specials on a board. Not this time. They're gone. No breakfast specials.

The final bill for two basic kid meals featuring a pancake, eggs, and bacon, Mrs. Screencaps' breakfast sandwich, my omelet, and a couple of orange juices, with tip, came to $66.

I about fainted. Yes, I get that inflation has been going on and prices are jacked up. I think it's just that breakfast used to be that meal where you could cut back and get out at like $30 max.

Like Mark Allan Bovair, we're having a hard time justifying small outings to get breakfast. Those days appear over.

And don't even get me started on Mexican restaurant prices.

But, as Big Daddy Gov. keeps telling us, everything is fine.

Like Mike T. and Cindy T., I might have to pack up the kids and hit up Mexico for a legit deal on breakfast and Mexican food.

On the downed submarine

• Jim M. writes:

Spain…. Monterey Bay…… Cape Cod…..The "Orcas" spring training is over….game time… Orcas 1. Human watercraft 0. 1 Sub down countless to go.

We're doomed!!!

• John L. writes:

Joe, you are so right!  I think a big difference between the very rich and the rest of us is that the former find the most creative ways to get themselves killed.  One expert said that more people have been into space than down to see that wreck.

I was next door at 130 Liberty Street for the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, I saw the saving of the passengers from the miracle on the Hudson US Airways flight out my office window, and I saw the tarp covered bodies of the 6 people run down by the Home Depot truck on the bike path in Tribeca. 

All that is close enough for me.  Like you said, just give me my deck, some sunshine, and a cocktail.

TNML and a rant on celebrating things

• Greg in SW Ohio writes:

Greetings, Joe! Glad to have you back manning the keyboard. 

Question for TNML members...

What do you do when you're struggling to find the "striping zone" when mowing? I mow in 3 different, alternating patterns that result in either a checkerboard or diamond pattern. Lately, I've been struggling to maintain my lines due to it being so dry here in SW OH. Patches of my lawn grow, others don't, and the result is weak stripe line control. I get done mowing and feel I gave it my best but I am disappointed with the results. Any guidance from the TNML? I do have an irrigation system, so I guess I will need to bite the bullet and water more. 


When did it become a requirement in today's society to celebrate things other than special occasions and/or events? Growing up, we celebrated birthdays and secular/religious holidays, and the end of the school year. You know - EVENTS! Nowadays, it seems like every group and many individuals want to be celebrated. What the hell does that even mean? How do I celebrate some particular group other than to participate in that group? 

Even then, that's not celebrating - it's participating. Am I supposed to bake a cake, clap my hands, and/or send flowers to groups in which I don't participate or individuals that I don't know? Why do so many groups and individuals expect me to celebrate them? What is the constant need to feel special? Do these groups feel so unloved that the approval of some anonymous non-participant really matters to them? I'm all for freedom.

You do you provided it doesn't infringe on others, breaks the law, or is harmful to oneself or others. Just don't expect me to blow a kazoo with my rectum for you. My great Uncle Hank is turning over in his grave. Uncle Hank fought as a Marine in the Pacific theater during WWII. He was lucky enough to survive, return home, raise a family, and build a damn nice life for himself and my Auntie Miriam. Not once did he expect to be celebrated, which makes him worth celebrating. 

I'm all for recognizing and acknowledging the rights and dignity of others. I just refuse to celebrate anything but events that are special to me and my family. 

Now get off my lawn! You're messing up my stripes. 


Mark, I'm still fuming over the price of the Father's Day breakfast. I can't wrap my brain around another problem.

I suggest patio time, music and ignoring Good Morning America, the Today Show, the nightly news and any other trigger that could throw off your summer. And ignore social media until the sun starts setting before 8 p.m. and you don't have anything else going on.

I'm not celebrating anything besides my free time away from coaching baseball, running the kids to baseball and mowing the grass.

The War on Thistle

• Chris B. in Florida writes:

Get yourself some of these thick leather babies. Anything less will end in sadness.


Source: Weeding in Florida, where nature fights back.

• David P. in New Braunfels, TX writes:

Has anyone suggested 20% vinegar, with a couple ounces of orange oil and a splash of dish soap in your sprayer? Kills all that I have tried it on and organic.


Mrs. Screencaps wants to know if that will ruin the soil for other plants.

Perhaps we just need to get a pet beaver.

Do any of you have DIY putting greens?

• Michael B. is back:

Man I am shocked that we didn’t get any homegrown putting green photos… looks like I definitely have to take this project on now!

Nature AF

• Lee D. in Florida wants you guys to see this:

Yacht Rock, Travel Ball and water balloons to celebrate a win or loss

• Anonymous writes:

1. I could write an entire thesis on travel ball, its benefits, pitfalls, and negatives. Been there, done that but still not technically done as my daughter still has 18u TB eligibility even after a year of college under her belt. Her college coach wants her to play over the summer anyway but with her still eligible for the 18u group she can help the girls who will be going to college next year know what to expect. I’ve gone through the NCAA clearinghouse process, had the visits, the backdoor coach communications (it happens and probably always will), the offers, the coaching change that happens after the offer, the crazy TB parents – so many things. I wonder how many TB parents in 10u or 12u know what a headcount vs equivalency sport is for the NCAA? Or how certain schools limit players' academic freedom? One day I’ll find the time to type it all up but it’ll probably be too much for the OK servers to handle. I’m sure there are other TB and now NCAA parents out there who are nodding their head in agreement.

2. Yacht Rock – This was why I wrote as I see you bring this term up a lot. It's become mainstream now. I know what it is, you know what it is, most real Americans know what it is. When I was growing up, what we think of as Yacht Rock today was really just the easy listening music that many stations played in the late 80s and into the 90s. When I was a kid I grew up to this style because we traveled a lot in the car. I played travel hockey and baseball way back when you were allowed to play more than one sport, grew up in the Detroit burbs, and crossed the border to Canada at least 500 times in my life, back before it was an interrogation. Dad got to control the radio. We didn’t have phones, ipads or even walkmans, so we had to listen to his music choice. Even as I wanted to hear GnR, or Run DMC - anything but Christopher Cross, or Kenny Loggins - now those songs bring me back to those simpler times and I have an entire playlist built around that era. I host dinners and lunches a few times a month for anywhere from 6-15 people. I turn on the BT speaker, pump those smooth tunes in the Yacht Rock spirit through it and get nothing but compliments for my music. Some songs bring back memories for my guests and they will talk about their proms, their childhood, their upbringing and more. I do mix in modern music but the same style. Just mostly easy listening. There might be a few outside the lines (Man of Constant Sorrow?), but mostly just chill songs like adding Hootie "Let Her Cry." That should be a no brainer addition to modern Yacht Rock. With all that said – if you host gatherings do invest in a high quality BT speaker system as it does so much to add to the atmosphere to the event, and build your playlist wisely. If at least 50% of the crowd haven’t heard the song before, don’t play it. This isn’t your moment to show off your new indie band crush. Focus on the food and drink before trying to share a random musician.

Take care and as a former both LL player and coach I enjoy reading your team updates – when you get to the playoffs bring a cooler (big chest type) full of water balloons and after the last game – win or lose, have a water balloon battle in the outfield after you either get knocked out or win the title. Let them chuck them at each other and you and the other coaches (just tell them no face shots and make sure to protect the family jewels!) I coached a team of 10U girls and we lost the championship game. But I brought the balloons and we had a blast. The winning team looked shocked as we were celebrating while they were probably planning their summer workouts to prepare for fall ball. 


I like the water balloon idea. Now I just have to figure out if I bring water balloons to multiple games in the tournament in case we get knocked out early.

Worst job you ever had?

• Joey P. in Pittsburgh, PA writes:

I was just curious what is the worst job you've ever had?


I really hated working from 8 p.m. to something like 3:30 a.m. on Friday nights -- I was alone from approximately 12:30 until going home; lunch was at midnight -- making metal printing plates at a newspaper that were then sent to the press. Staying awake was a chore. It wasn't the least bit of a creative job and I was burning through precious Friday nights during my single life. Plus, I would get back to my apartment and then the sun would be coming up two hours later. Oh and on days when there were parades in town the bands would warm up right outside the apartment.

It was torture.

Then I had to be right back to the same job by 5 p.m. on Saturday nights.

Luckily, that assignment didn't last long and I met Mrs. Screencaps soon after.

Life has been pretty great after those tough days.

That's it. I'm ready to roll.

Congratulations to all of you for arriving at the first day of summer. I need you to commit to using your time wisely over the next three months.

Go give the day 100%.

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