Cuddle Therapist Gets Paid Up To $2,000 A Night

In a world where everything exists, it only makes sense that someone is out there getting paid to cuddle. An Australian woman says she makes up to $2,000 a night cuddling with men.

43-year-old Missy Robinson has been working as a cuddle therapist on a part-time basis since the beginning of the year. She's been working in mental health for 8 years and explains that this is just an extension of that work.

But for anyone looking for the cuddling to lead to sex, Missy says that hasn't ever happened and won't be happening in the future. It's all about the cuddling.

"We all need hugs every day, it's key to our survival," she told Daily Mail. "They say you need four hugs per day to survive, six to maintain our happiness levels and eight to flourish."

"I am not a sex worker and I have never had any clients attempt to do anything like that with me."

Missy draws from her own struggles with mental health to help others. Getting her life back on the right path included losing more than 100 pounds.

While her services can run as high as $2,000 there are more affordable options if you're in the market for a cuddling session and happen to be in Australia.

Everyone Needs A Hug & A Calendar

Missy also uses some other modern ways of raising money for mental health, like selling sexy calendars and putting up content on OnlyFans. Because you have to have one of those or you're not even trying these days.

"I guess for me it was about being able to make my own choice for my body, no one was forcing me,' she said of her calendar.

Much like there not being any sex during the cuddling sessions, Missy explains that there isn't any X-rated content behind the paywall either.

"This helps supplement the calendar, the money goes toward helping people. None of it is X-rated content, it is just another income source."

It sound like we have a modern day mental health renaissance woman. She's taking on the struggle from all angles. That's something we can all applaud.