Cruise Passenger Reportedly Falls Overboard While Sitting On A Railing For A Selfie

Good luck staying alive this summer in Florida and off the shores of the Sunshine State.

A cruise passenger is lucky to be alive after an incident Sunday where the female tourist went overboard while on the Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas ship. According to Fox35, the 42-year-old woman fell into the water, but she survived a 10-story fall and was plucked out of the water after a. 45-minute rescue mission.

Cruise industry sites are reporting the woman, a U.S. resident, fell overboard while sitting on a railing to take a photo. As you can see in the video provided by passengers, a smoke flare was used to mark her location in the water which allowed for rescue boats to do their jobs.

Folks, I know you want that content, but let this serve as a lesson to what can happen to you while getting that perfect IG pic that will also serve as your Facebook avi.

Watch closely.

How many more selfie death, or near-death, stories will the Internet have to tell before you morons get it through your head that the content isn't worth it. Do you remember the woman who fell to her death while getting a selfie on falls in Belgium? What about the Hong Kong IG clout-chaser who fell to her death while getting that content?

At this point, I've lost track of all the times I've written about people with death wishes who just need that perfect photo.

Hey dummies, Horseshoe Bend has been photographed from every angle. Just steal someone else's photo and say it's yours. Post a photo of yourself at the Bend and then use the stock image as your own and save yourself from the horror of being scooped off the rocks by the park service rangers.

You'll be just fine with a simple cruise ship photo where you're not sitting on a railing.

You make the call here.

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