Croatia Fan Ivana Knoll Tests Qatar Clothing Laws With World Cup Wardrobe

Croatian soccer superfan Ivana Knoll deserves some sort of medal of freedom for the work she's doing in Qatar risking her life at the 2022 World Cup. The Instagram superstar, who was clearly defying the Qatari rules and regulations handbook today outside Al-Bayt Stadium by dumping out her chest and bronzed bare skin, is also openly calling the soccer event a "disaster."

“This is a disaster,” Knoll said this week. “I feel sorry for all the people who can’t go to the World Cup because of the worst organization in history. My entourage didn’t get a Hayya card even after 20 days, even though they have all the tickets to the final,” she added, referencing documents fans needed to attend matches.

The U.S.-based model who boasts a robust 580k Instagram fans followed up that quote with today's performance before the Moracco-Croatia match (0-0 draw) where she held court outside the stadium. Knoll, in her Croatian-flag inspired dress, posed for photos with fans who couldn't believe their eyes in a country where the rules and regulations handbook clearly states there will be modesty out of women.

A U.K. travel advisory warned it's citizens to be aware of dress codes in the Muslim country.

"You should dress modestly when in public, including while driving. Women must cover their shoulders and avoid wearing short skirts," the advisory states. "Both men and women are advised not to wear shorts or sleeveless tops, when going to government buildings, health care facilities or malls. If you do not dress modestly, you may be asked to leave or be denied entry to these locations."

England wives and girlfriends were told to not push the boundaries. Don't cause and international incident.

In fact, low-cut tops and short skirts were cut out of their warddrobe as ordered by team officials, according to the Daily Mail. And the media outlet reported this week that the women were also advised to consider wearing a scarf as to not show off their chests or reveal their figure.

Clearly Ivana Knoll didn't get those memos from Team Croatia.

Yes, Knoll covered her head and shoulders for the match, but her onesie dress was holding on for dear life as the moneymakers were out in full-force right there for the Qatari government to get a good look at and yet, from all indications, she's not been thrown in jail for her clothing choice during today's match.

“It’s clear why so many people didn’t even want to participate in this circus!” told The Sun after arriving on the scene in Doha.

Hats off to Ivana. We salute your bravery.

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