Creepy TikTok Dad Edits Daughter's Princess Books To Cancel 'Gender Stereotypes'

You've probably got too much time on your hands when fighting gender norms entails cutting up your daughter's princess books and recreating an entirely new story to remove "stereotypes."

A TikTok dad, who goes by @dcaspers, is attempting to go viral off his Vox-inspired principles. The crux of his account's activity involves taking his daughter's Disney princess storybooks and editing imagery and text to reimagine the princesses — living a lifestyle that would make Judith Butler proud.

The father claims that by reworking the stories, it will empower his daughter to aim beyond the subservient princesses of old.

Rather than seen pictured baking, The Little Mermaid's Ariel is spotted grabbing a pizza with bff Prince Eric, who's cartoonishly emasculated through wielding a fork to eat his pizza. Which is surprisingly non-vegan.

In this scenario, the TikTok dad figures that by shifting the atmosphere from the shores of Denmark to something off the streets of Los Angeles, his daughter may learn a thing or two.

"I can fix this," captions the father, reading a page that showcases Belle from Beauty and the Beast working tirelessly all day. He then alters the story to reduce Belle down to a college grad unable to afford, or give a rip about, proper baking ingredients due to student debt — much to the Beast's chagrin.

Be on the lookout for his next project: Tinderella.

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