Crazy Video Shows Woman Being Attacked By Rabid Fox In Her Front Yard

A crazy video from a home security system in Ithaca, New York shows a rabid fox attack a woman in her own front yard. She managed to fight off the animal and is said to be okay after the wild incident.

Paul Russo, the woman's husband, shared the security camera footage of her ordeal with the rabid fox on his Facebook page. He said of the incident, "My wife was attacked by a rabid fox this past July. Our friend edited the security camera footage and made this educational video for us to post to alert everyone that this can happen to anyone."

The video, which according to the security camera timestamp was shot on July 25, shows a fox sneaking up on the woman in her front yard. The fox then bites at the woman's leg from behind as she talks on the phone.

She responds by going to battle with the fox. The woman immediately kicks it several times as it continues to attack her. At one point she is bitten on the hand.

After swinging the fox around in the air several times she eventually manages to free her herself. She adds one more kick as a man arrives holding a stick and is finally able to scare the fox off.

She was ready to battle the rabid fox

The crazy video was also shared by meteorologist Ed Russo on Twitter. He says the woman in the video is his cousin. He also provided an update on the her saying, "She's OK."

In addition to the security camera footage, the woman's husband shared a look at her hand following the incident. The pictures show the swollen and bloody aftermath.

The Facebook post also revealed that the fox attacked another person nearby and was killed. The body was taken to the veterinary lab at Cornell University and found to have been infected with rabies.

Be prepared at all times people. You never know when a fox with rabies is ready to do battle. This woman got the best of this crazed animal because she was ready to go from the start.

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