Crazy Lady Smashes Neighbor's House With A Pickaxe Like She's Playing Minecraft

Minecraft gamers are out of control this Halloween season.

Police say a crazy California lady grabbed a pickaxe and started destroying her neighbor's house during a fit of rage Monday night like she was 'Alex' from the popular video game. Homeowner Arman Tchoukadarian told KABC his mother-in-law was in the house babysitting his six-week-old daughter as 65-year-old Beverly Baker went into a fit of rage and started blasting windows with her garden tool.

"I get the notification from our doorbell and it's like a two-second clip of someone just smashing our door," Tchoukadarian told the TV station.

The homeowner says the baby was sleeping near a window as Baker started rearranging real-life property.

"My mother-in-law's first instinct was to grab the baby," Tchoukadarian added. "Two seconds later, all you see is huge shards of glass in the bassinet where she would be. It was miracle she reacted fast enough or else my daughter would be dead."

Baker can be heard on a Ring doorbell camera yelling, "Questions? Questions anyone? I'll be back! Get out!" She did return and smashed three more windows before fleeing only to be arrested at her home.

Baker's ex-husband tells NBC Los Angeles that he believes she suffered a mental health crisis. Even with that news, Tchoukadarians is rightfully shaken up and is rethinking living in the Pasadena neighborhood.

Now he has $20,000 in damages and a crazy lady around the block who has destroyed his house once.

"I don’t know if we have to leave but as of now, this is not our safe space," the chiropractor added.

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