Couple Arrested For Having Sex On Cedar Point Ferris Wheel: Police Report

A pair of 32-year-olds was arrested Sunday night by police after admitting to having sex on the Giant Wheel, Cedar Point's 145-foot high Ferris wheel instead of waiting to get back to their car.

According to a Sandusky (OH) Police Department report, David Davis and Heather Johnston decided Sunday night on the ride would be the perfect time to fornicate. The big problem with their plan was that there were a group of female juveniles who were in a cart below the couple and saw the whole disturbing act as it transpired.

Johnston denied the sex claim and noted that she was wearing shorts under her dress and that she bent over to pick up a pack of cigs that had fallen out of the shorts. She bent over and Davis "helped her."

Uh, OK.

The witnesses tell a different story as they were just trying to enjoy a fun day at America's Roller Coast. One juvenile told police "she saw the woman on her hands and knees and saw the man behind her. I asked them if they saw any of the couple's genitals and they stated yes."

Remember, Heather says she was just picking up cigs.

According to the full report, the witnesses told police they "saw the women's bare butt and the man's penis. They further said they could clearly see the man's penis, as they saw him inserting himself inside of her. They also stated that they could feel the cart shaking and see both the male and female moving back and forth."

It's time to come clean, David and Heather. What was really going on up on the Giant Wheel?

When pressed by smart police officers, David cracked and said Heather might have "shaken her ass" a little after bending over for those cigs, but that was it.

David, don't lie to the police.

When pressed again, Mr. Romantic fully admitted to bending over Heather on the ride and both of them saw their day at America's Roller Coast come to a quick ending. Both were hauled off to the Erie County Jail on charges of public indecency.

David and Heather have to be smarter than this. Yes, the view out across Lake Erie is absolutely stunning on a romantic Sunday night, but you have to know your surroundings. You can't just start acting out a 2 Live Crew BET rap video at 7 p.m. when there are teens in the next Ferris wheel box next to you.

Situational awareness, David. You have to know that sunset isn't until 8:34.

You're 32 years old. Get your head in the game Double D.

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