Country Star Kelsea Ballerini Has On-Stage Wardrobe Malfunction

A recent on-stage wardrobe malfunction had country star Kelsea Ballerini nearly letting the horses outta the barn.

Earlier this week Ballerini dropped an Instagram video showing her embarrassing on-stage moment. Brights lights, music blaring, crowd roaring with approval and...zipper down.

Yep, Ms. Ballerini took the stage with some unwanted air conditioning below the belt.

Ballerini even labeled the incident #zippergate - so you know it's a big deal.

(No one attaches #gate to the end of anything unless it's BIG time, obviously.)

29-year-old Ballerini jokingly captioned the IG video by saying it was her "retirement announcement."

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Kelsea was anything but zipped up following the wardrobe malfunction. She took it all in stride, commenting over the video that she was unaware of her open fly and busy enjoying what she thought were adoring fans.

"It's the fact that I thought they were screaming for my song, for me," admitted a laughing Ballerini It's the fact that I'm serving moves, for me. I'm retiring, it's been a good few years. Thanks guys, see you around."

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What makes the video so great is that fans can be heard frantically yelling "your zipper!" Yet, Ballerini remains unfazed, soaking in the on-stage vibes and shaking her hips. Eventually she realized the barn door was open and zipped her jeans with a smile. Almost instantly, the crowd roared with screams of approval.

In the end, it's much ado about nothing. Who hasn't been on the wrong end of #zippergate before? And to be honest, the real eye-opener here isn't Kelsea's drafty drawers - it's her feet. Why isn't anyone asking why she's barefoot on stage?

Forget the zipper, let's get some hay on those hooves. Am I right?

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