Country Music Star Riley Green Is Done With Bud Light, Changes Lyrics In Favor Of Coors Light

Country musicians — save for a few — have led the charge in the Great Bud Light Boycott of '23. One of those musicians is Riley Green, and this week he made it as clear as Rocky Mountain water that he is done with Bud Light.

Green was such a Bud Light guy, he immortalized it in song. Giving a shoutout to one of your favorite beverages is a tried and true musical tradition. Take gin for instance. It got shoutouts from Snoop Dogg in "Gin And Juice" and Kiss in "Cold Gin." That's some serious range.

As for Green, he tossed Bud Light into his 2019 tune "I Wish Granpdas Didn't Die." If you're not familiar with it, the line comes in the chorus and goes like this:

And I wish even cars had truck bedsAnd every road was named CopperheadAnd coolers never run out of cold Bud LightAnd I wish high school home teams never lost

I'm sure when he got to that part during live shows, many a $12 can of Bud Light was raised to the heavens like a Zippo at a Skynyrd concert.

Not anymore though.

The Bud Light debacle in which the brand partnered with transwoman whose whole brand is making fun of actual women, Dylan Mulvaney, has threatened to tear the country music world apart.

Green is not a Bud Light guy anymore as evidenced by his performance of "I Wish Granpdas Didn't Die" at Nashville's Nissan Stadium on Friday.

Green Is A Coors Guy Now

Did you catch that? Green is all about the silver bullets now.

Fortunately for Green, swapping "Bud" for "Coors" was a one-for-one syllabic swap/ That meant he didn't have to run through a bunch of beers to see if they might fit into the tune.

"'Milller?' No... Wait, let's try 'Yuengling'... Crap, uh... 'Schöfferhofer'.. dammit, definitely no..."

Perhaps the most telling thing about this was the audience's reaction. They went nuts at the mere mention of Coors instead of Bud Light.

I mean, who doesn't get a little excited when the mountains turn blue, but still.

It's just another indicator that the prevailing opinion with beer drinkers — Bud Light's target demo whether they like it or not — is overwhelmingly against their recent marketing tactics.

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