Cops: Illinois Woman Shot & Killed Man For Refusing To Kiss Her

An Illinois man is dead and a 28-year-old mom is being held on a first-degree murder charge after the man refused to kiss her after a night of drinking, police allege. Claudia Resendiz-Flores, 28, was arrested for the murder of 29-year-old James Jones, in what police say was an act of jealousy.

Police allege Resendiz-Flores asked Jones to kiss her, but he refused and turned to his girlfriend, who was also at the Rolling Meadows, Illinois residence, and kissed her instead. According to the arrest document, Resendiz-Flores was done playing games and demanded her own kiss.

Jones refused.

At that point, police say Resendiz-Flores grabbed Jones' gun, which was stuffed between couch cushions. "The man tried to push the gun down after he saw Resendiz-Flores’ finger on the trigger and watched her take the safety off, prosecutors said. She then allegedly lifted her arms and shot him once in the chest, killing him," the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Police say Resendiz-Flores is currently married, but separated, and is a mother of three young children.

Now, let's dig into why Jones wouldn't kiss Resendiz-Flores. Any guesses? Could it have anything to do with Claudia looking like a strung-out meth addict? Had she showered in weeks? Months? Maybe she'd just inhaled a bunch of tahini sauce.

Stay tuned. The court case for this one should be interesting.


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