Comedy Central Deletes ‘Diversity Day’ Episode Of ‘The Office’

Comedy Central aired a marathon of The Office's first season on Sunday. Though promoted in chronological order, the network skipped the second episode, "Diversity Day," omitting it from the re-air of the season.

Barstool Sports first picked up on the episode's absence. Comedy Central did not respond to the outlet's request for comment.

"The episode is famous for its politically incorrect storyline which features boss Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) forcing the paper company staff to participate in a racial diversity seminar where he speaks in an exaggerated Indian accent and reprises Chris Rock's notorious standup routine about different kinds of black people," The Daily Wire sums up.

Carrell warned of this in 2018, saying the show wouldn't make it in today's ultra-sensitive climate:

The brilliance of comedy is that it not only makes us laugh but it's powerful. "Diversity Day" doesn't promote racism. Instead, it mocks the wrong-mindedness of racism.

Comedy Central is essentially saying that viewers are incapable of understanding satire or comedy. 

"It's pathetic that a network dedicated to comedy lacks the courage or will to air sharp satire like 'Diversity Day,'" Emily Jashinsky correctly points out.

What's more, no one had even complained about the episode. This was Comedy Central preemptively catering to a low-level blue check who could label its the brand racist. The entertainment industry is desperately seeking to satisfy a group they will ultimately never appease.

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