Comedian Whitney Cummings Joins OnlyFans

Comedian and podcaster Whitney Cummings is taking her talents to OnlyFans. She intends to cash in on her dirty content, just not the kind of dirty content you think of when you think OnlyFans.

Whitney is teaming up with the subscription-based platform, known for nudity, to produce a new show called Unfiltered Original Roast Series. The show will be exclusively available on OFTV.

She'll also have her own page on the platform, but that doesn't mean she'll be posting nudes. The 40-year-old says she plans to experiment with telling incendiary jokes. She pointed out that you can't really do that on other platforms.

"I want to experiment with jokes," she said during an interview with Variety. "I love the idea of writing and performing incendiary jokes… and talk about what is happening right now. On Twitter, people will want to take it out of context."

Whitney made it clear that she won't be posting any nudes and joked that she doesn't have the self-esteem to do so.

"I wouldn’t have the self-esteem to charge people to see my naked body," she said. "Instead of dirty photos, you're gonna see dirty jokes."

She also made an announcement on Instagram with a Ben Simmons-Alec Baldwin shooting joke that she teased. The announcement is captioned, "Jokes I can't tell on other platforms will now be on my OnlyFans."

Whitney Cummings Is Changing The Game

Way to go social media. You've become so soft that comedians have to put jokes behind a paywall so that they can experiment with them. And maybe sell feet pics or videos eating bananas or rubbing cake on themselves. Who knows?

I'm not going to predict that she'll eventually starts posting nudes, but she wouldn't be the first person to have a change of heart on doing so.

I will predict, however, that her jokes will be leaked on social media and people will meltdown because being outraged is what people love to do.