Colorado Avalanche Launch Season Opener With Blink 182's Mark Hoppus

It was a wild Wednesday night in Colorado as the Avalanche raised their 2021-2022 Stanley Cup Championship banner to the rafters.

One person that was on hand to cheer on the Av's and their fans? Blink-182 bass player and singer Mark Hoppus, who kicked things off with a sing-a-long to what became the team's rally song last year, Blink's "All The Small Things."

The full celebration video can be seen here:

Afterwards Hoppus joked about his level of knowledge with hockey, saying that his favorite thing about the game is when the arena plays their songs. LOL.

The Avalanche won their 3rd Cup in franchise history last season. And they're off to a good start after defeating the Chicago Blackhawks 5-2 last night.


As for Hoppus, he has had quite the week.

Blink-182 surprised fans earlier this week by announcing that the band would be reuniting with original frontman turned UFO hunter Tom Delonge. Together with drummer Travis Barker, the band is releasing new music as well as a worldwide tour next year.

The reunion news comes after Hoppus was diagnosed and subsequently beat cancer last year.