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Round 2 - How are we feeling about Christmas inflatables?

One year ago, I asked readers where they stood on inflatables and it caused emotions to boil up. This is pretty much like talking politics with people -- there's very little wiggle room to be swayed one way or the other.

That said, I wanted to open the floor for more discussion because there are thousands of new readers who have inflatable talking points to share. This is why people keep coming back to Screencaps -- the floor is open to share opinions and tell us what inflatables mean to them.

• Long-time Screencaps supporter Diesel, who is a far-right anti-inflatable critic, writes:

I guess it boils down to being a traditionalist in reference to decorations. People used to take time and pride in their homes and their Christmas appearance. You could tell and appreciate the work and time that went into the decorations. Inflatables are the complete opposite of that.

They are the equivalent of the I need it now portion of our society who has no patience for hard work. In my opinion, inflatables indicate the very problem with our nation and what will eventually lead to its demise.

• His wife, Mrs. Diesel, adds:

I just think they are cheap(.)

Meanwhile, Chris B. in Fairview, TN had to push back on Hutton and Withrow on what sounds like their far-right anti-inflatable viewpoints.

It sounds like Chris B. is a far-left inflatable woke. Look at his display!

• Florida Man 'One Leg' John B. writes:

I agree with D and many times they are just thrown up in such yards and very poorly placed with none of their display flowing(.) Then you have all the cords going to them and some down here don't mow for that time period and when they remove them there are always bad spots in the yard.

• Diesel wasn't done. He is such a far-right inflatable critic that he even took a shot at the TNML community:

As a founding member, I will assess a penalty on any TNML member who has a mower inflatable in their yard

While we're at it, how are we feeling these days about Elf on the Shelf?

• Louie in Savannah, GA writes:

Tomorrow is December 1st so you know what that means...

This tiny pain in the ass arrives and now my wife and I have to come up with some ridiculous act for him for the next 24 nights.  As if we are not busy enough with everything going on this time of year!?

I am a very patient man (well I like to pretend I am anyway) but I hope the "genius" who created this tradition contracted herpes somehow.

My youngest told me right before bed that one of his classmate's elf arrived days ago because she was "extra good" this year.  What kind of shit is that?  Shouldn't there be an agreement between parents to not bring this little bastard out before December 1st?

My oldest is in third grade and this will likely be his last year truly believing in Santa since he was starting to piece things together last year.  If my better half and I aren't on our game every night, its one more opportunity for the oldest boy to realize this is just a stuffed doll and not a magic sprite from the North Pole.  When we were young, our folks just had to work magic one night a year, now its an entire month!

I enjoy this time of year overall, especially with my kids being young and so excited, but this little, stuffed turd aggravates the shit out of me.  I am sure others in CAPS Nation feel the same way.

Have you seen what some of these stay-at-home moms are coming up with for these elves?  I would love to meet someone who has time for that, because no one I run with that has full time employment and children, certainly doesn't. 

Anyway.... Merry F'in Christmas lol

I'm hopeful the Pats can whip up an early Christmas miracle and beat Josh Allen and Bills tomorrow night.

I'm ready for a comedy revolution that will eventually lead to the world gifting us a new Christmas comedy worth a damn.

I guarantee this is a topic all of us can agree on.

Will our children have a Christmas comedy that holds up 30-plus years later? If so, the comedy world better snap to it.

Gifts for the wives this year

• New emailer David N. in Dallas, TX writes:

Yo Joe,

Longtime listener first-time caller. Thanks for your hard work.

We are blessed in that if we want something—within reason—we go get it. We’re not swimming in cash, diamonds, furs, or cars, and we try to live relatively reasonably and simply, but if we want X we find it on Amazon and get it.

So, we decided a while back that we’d rather have experiences than stuff as gifts. This year: A little Christmas cruise out of New Orleans to Mexico, and in February a trip to Greece. Next year is our 40th wedding anniversary so the Greece trip is quite the blowout wow I can’t believe we’re doing this type of thing.

I’m a lucky guy, no doubt about it.


It sounds like we might have travel competitors for Mike T. and Cindy T.

Screencaps might need its very own version of Amazing Race where I mail little mowing statues to spots around the world and the first married couple to make it to the spot without divorcing wins some prize package.

Dare I say that would be amazing?

Christmas gift ideas for the ladies from my text group

• Jim M. writes on gifts for the wives and a couple of other topics

-Wife's present...she likes certain brand of makeup which comes out with Xmas kits on a big sale this time of year...(basically for useless husbands) says worth $500 for about  $80...I bought that and more cause they pushing this crap on us ......useless husbands! First name starts with E last name L

Speaking of that, I took her to Tom Petty at Fenway in 2014... wondering if anyone knows how to buy video of that or something??? Help me out.    By the way, Fenway sucks for a concert, don't waste ur money unless u got best seats

-I was in the TV-buying business too the past few weeks...I pulled the trigger on this

$549 and $75 for sound bar...savings of $325

I'm happy.. too much tech for me, but my kids will help me, I hope! Super bowl, Red Sox, and the big one.....The Masters!!!

-Hildee- size 6 feet, perfect

- Get ready for December drunk musings... I'm blowing the lid off of the Great Shrimp Conspiracy....ITS BIG!!!


Shrimp conspiracy? Can't wait to hear what this is about.

Speaking of the Ts

• Mike T. in Idaho, but from Europe this winter, sent off multiple emails on Wednesday:

Now the Ts are crushing sangrias for lunch!

And paella in Valencia, Spain!

If you're not already, make sure to follow along as these two long-time lovebirds experience Europe for six months and drive around in a rental car with a Thursday Night Mowing League sticker on the back window of the sled.

Mike T. adds:

Don’t really miss the patio life in Eagle this time of year, but do miss the fire pit .
Tour guide Cindy keeps me so busy, I’m just happy to be along for the ride.

And finally this morning, a Screencaps reader had a big national screencaps moment last night

• Brian A. writes:

I did it. I got my content on national TV. NHL on TNT! I sent a Tweet out and sure enough two minutes later it shows up on the broadcast! TNT is doing a phenomenal job in their NHL broadcasting this year. They are bringing the NBA on TNT energy to it. Don't know if you're a hockey fan but this would be a great time to start becoming one. Oh, and Go Blue!!!!

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