College Football Videographer Makes Rookie Mistake, Gets Clobbered By Players After Standing WAY Too Close

University of Louisiana videographer Haylee Blitch re-learned a hard lesson last weekend. The Ragin' Cajuns Director of Creative Video took a big hit and went flying.

Blitch, who has been with the team since February, graduated with a B.S. in Communication and Media Studies from Florida State in 2020 and has been in the field ever since. She has worked with the ASUN Conference and Georgia Southern.

All of this goes to say that her gig in Lafayette is not her first rodeo. She is a veteran.

That didn't stop her from making a rookie mistake.

The Cajuns, who sit at 2-3 on the season, hosted the South Alabama Jaguars last weekend. As the team ran out onto the field, Blitch got licked.

She stood way too close to the players, something that she knows not to do but did anyway, and was trampled. Fortunately, she was okay, but video of Blitch during the incident is extremely funny.

Take a look at how things went down in Louisiana

It is also worth noting that the Ragin' Cajun player did not leave her in the dust. He deserves some props for immediately concerning himself with Blitch and stopping his runout to make sure that she was okay, which she was.

Lousiana will take its bye week this Saturday, so Blitch has some time to rest up and recover. She will be back at it on October 12 at Marshall with a chance to redeem herself.

The pressure is on and Blitch has an opportunity to get back in the swing of things, stand her ground and get the fire tunnel runout shot that she was hoping to get last weekend. Maybe this time, rather than taking the hit, she will be the one laying the lumber.