Clay Travis Suit Investigation: Was His Ron DeSantis Inauguration Suit Off-The-Rack? [Update]

The big question Tuesday night from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis's inauguration ball centered on the suit worn by OutKick founder Clay Travis: Was it off-the-rack from Men's Wearhouse?

As the head of the OutKick Culture Department, if the Internet is talking about it, I'm writing about it.

Won't you get in trouble for writing about Clay's suit jacket?

I'm a blogger.

Blogger's blog. Clicks are clicks. Old-school bloggers know what pays the bills.

Update -- there you go, haters:

Now, let's dive into this latest controversy that is following the guy who cashed in millions when he sold off OutKick to Fox News Corp. Clay caused quite a stir amongst his haters Tuesday night after dropping a late-night triple-photo tweet featuring the lovely Lara Travis in a baby blue dress ordering Whataburger with Fox producer Carrie Flatley.

Typically the Internet would be going nuts over Lara looking lovely. Not Tuesday night.

The comment section didn't hold back.

"Do better Clay. You can afford a proper coat size/sleeve length," an investigator named Bill wrote on Twitter.

"Dude get a tailor. Your sleeves are embarrassing. Look like a 10 year old wearing his first suit," E. wrote.

Greg O'D wanted a piece of Clay in the comments. "How much money do you have to make to get a coat that fits?" he wrote.

According to the experts at The Helm, which wrote the "Top 10 Signs You're in a Poor Fitting Suit," there are clear signs from Clay's night out that something is definitely off about his suit.

"The sleeve of your suit jacket should rest just above the hinge where your hand meets your wrist. If all of your jackets are tailored to this point and your shirts fit properly, you’ll always show the proper amount of shirt cuff, which should be between 1/4" - 1/2",' the Helm experts report.

Now it's up to Clay to address this growing controversy. What happened?

I'll be here to report the facts as they come in.

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