Christian McCaffrey Wants Nothing To Do With Olivia Culpo's New Reality Show

Model and now San Francisco 49ers WAG, Olivia Culpo, is getting into the world of reality TV. She's appearing on the TLC reality show The Culpo Sisters with her sisters Aurora and Sophia. Although they seem to prefer the term "docu-series" over reality show.

Whatever you want to call it, Olivia's boyfriend Christian McCaffrey wants nothing to do with it. She revealed during an appearance on On Air with Ryan Seacrest that the running back does not make an appearance in any of the episodes.

"My boyfriend is not in the series," Olivia said when asked. "That was probably the biggest challenge, just making sure that I respect the fact that he does not want to be on a show like this."

She later added that maybe after his big three-touchdown game, where he threw for a touchdown, ran for a touchdown and caught a touchdown, that he might want to be on the show.

She said, "And who knows, maybe now that he's a triple crown-er he'll want to be on the show."

Olivia Culpo Isn't The Only Culpo Dating An NFL Player

Olivia's boyfriend might not be making an appearance on the show, but she's not the only Culpo dating an NFL player. Sophia is dating New York Jets receiver Braxton Berrios.

Berrios isn't too good for a reality show and makes an appearance in a couple of episodes.

"We kind of balance long distance a little bit," Sophia said. "So he's in some episodes, but not the whole show."

More than not wanting to be on a reality show, McCaffrey might just be avoiding hanging out with Olivia's sisters. It looks like from this interview that at least one of them isn't a fan of hers all the time.

Nobody wants to get between catfights between sisters.